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Basement Crawl is a maze-based multiplayer action game slated for PS4

Bloober Team has detailed its PS4 launch title, Basement Crawl, a bit more, noting on the PlayStation Blog that the maze-based action game will contain some strategic elements.

According to the studio's creative director and vice president Peter Bielatowicz, the team took inspiration from such titles as Spy vs Spy and Bomberman.

"Gameplay revolves around setting up traps, self-detonated or activated by characters approaching it or stepping on it without noticing, to hurt other players," he said. "It’s focused on multiplayer, but basic single-player campaigns with bots to fill in for missing characters will be available too.

"While our inspirations go back to the retro classics, we are making a game up-to-date with the competition. It goes from the audio-visuals – Basement Crawl will be 2.5D game with dynamic cameras – to the game modes, characters and mechanics. We felt that many games nowadays are dependent on character development or luck and randomness, so we designed Basement Crawl to exclude the luck factor and remove the dependence on leveling-up characters.

"We want to make Basement Crawl as skill-based as possible and focus on hardcore players instead of casual or ‘middlecore’ players."

Players will have more control over what’s happening "in every second of the game" and while you can mash buttons randomly, good players will always be able to "show off their skills."

Basement Crawl will support both four-player hot-seat and eight-player online play, as well as combinations of both.

At the beginning, players will start with a selection of four available characters, all with their own unique skills balanced carefully against each other.

The first there are: the midget clown which you have seen before, crash-test dummy and girl with a bear - seen below.

The release date is still TBD.

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