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Steam prices in Australia could rise by 10% due to new tax

Australian residents may see an increase of digital game prices on Steam if new tax is to pass.


According to a report on The Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian federal government is set to introduce a new tax on what it refers to as imported 'intangible' digital goods, such as downloadable music, ebooks, videos, and software. The GST tax would add 10% to the price of any of these imported goods.

A similar tax is levied on imported parcels worth over AU$1000. According to the report, the proposed tax has not seen any considerable opposition.

The change may not directly affect Steam, but it's a possibility. Apple for instance says the tax would not raise prices on iTunes, as they already include the GST tax.

The tax is being introduced to protect local businesses, and as PCGamer adds, there are no Australian storefronts that rival Steam. Which could come in play when it comes time for Steam to raise the prices.

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