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Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 5 Memory 3: The Prophet - Assassinate Lafreniere

Strapline: Defend the gravediggers, retrieve the plans and wait in a haystack to kill Lafreniere.


Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 5 Memory 3: The Prophet - Assassinate Lafreniere

This is your second major assassination challenge and unlike many to come it's performed under the open stars. Getting the challenges here is just a matter of good housekeeping as you follow our guide, so stay tuned.

  • Sabotage four alarm bells
  • Three cover kills

Assistance Opportunity - Defend the Gravediggers

The easiest path into the mission area goes straight past the first opportunity. Drop down from the starting point and immediately turn right. Walk slowly down the street, scanning the left wall, and you'll see an archway leading into the restricted area - a graveyard. Make sure no guards are watching, then slip through but immediately turn left again to hug the wall, taking the nearby underground entrance hidden just here.

Proceed along the tunnels a short way to encounter a group of baddies duking it out with the worthy gravediggers. They're all bunched up when you first enter so if you stay in non-conflict mode and drop a smoke bomb you can cap a bunch of them really quickly and efficiently.

Infiltration Opportunity - Retrieve the Plans

Once the baddies are down, proceed further into the tunnels, taking any branches - no matter how small! - leading to the east. The correct exit is the one where you take a ladder. Popping up here positions you perfectly to grab the security plans, but before you do that, switch on Eagle Vision to spot and then take down as many of the nearby guards as you can (get cover kills for the challenge if you like, but don't risk detection for it; you'll get your chance later). The biggest threat here is a brute, and he's perfectly set up for a cover kill, so do it. You should then be free to sabotage two of the four bells and grab the plans in comfort.

Wait in a Haystack
Complete the bells challenge before you hide and wait for the assassination to begin. Take out the north west bell first (check your mini-map and mark it with a cursor, if you like), to avoid backtracking; there are only two guards here who pose a threat, so it shouldn't take long.

The fourth bell is right by your haystack, so head there last. It's in the south west corner, by a huge pile of what seems to be bones. Nice. There are almost never any guards here worth mentioning so you shouldn't face any trouble, but do go slow and careful, just in case. Once you've thrown yourself into the haystack, switch on Eagle Vision and spot a nearby lift. If you're in the right place, hold down the Wait button to start the assassination.

Assassinate Lafreniere
Thanks to all our hard work, this is a super easy assassination. Even if you faff it up the guards can't sound the alarm, but if you follow our directions you won't. As soon as you load back in, switch on Eagle Vision and check out the guard leaning casually against the haystack, as well as two more nearby. Get out of the haystack on the opposite side - trust me! - and then go into stealth, wait for the other two guards to look away, and go into cover around the corner of the hay wagon from that leaning guard. Wait for the other two to look away again, then cover assassinate him.

Now there are two guards left. One is standing still by a piece of cover, and the other is patrolling nearby. Wait for the patrolling guard to walk away, then sneak into cover behind the still one and cover assassinate him. That's two, assuming you didn't rack up any before. Stay in cover and the other guard should eventually come over to investigate - cover assassinate him, too. Bam! Optional challenge complete. If the guard doesn't come over, let him see you briefly then duck back into cover to lure him over.

You don't need to take down any more guards to proceed. Look for a pale path leading away from the haystack and lift, passing by a gate behind which a group of guards are hanging out. In stealth mode, you can just stroll right on past, proceeding further on to pass a fountain before ducking into a hiding spot. Now just wait, intermittently switching on Eagle Vision to spot Lafreniere. He may stop to investigate bodies but he won't raise an alarm or alert more guards, and he won't delay his patrol long. When he strolls past, nab him from your hiding spot.

Escape the Area
That was beautiful, assassin; textbook kill. Escaping is pretty easy; just stealth back to the haystack then use the lift or even just wander out through the archway, if you're brave enough to double assassinate the guards there, and leave the area.

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