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Assassin's Creed publisher wants to give new grads a job

Assassin's Creed publisher Ubisoft has opened applications for its 2015 graduate program, through which it hopes to help fresh-faced young developers make the transition to grizzled veterans.


"It’s an all too familiar dilemma faced by many recent (or soon-to-be recent) graduates: In order to get hired anywhere, you need experience… but you can’t get experience without being hired," the UbiBlog noted.

"That’s where the Ubisoft Graduate Program comes in. Through this program, aspiring developers have a unique opportunity to enter into a fast-paced workplace where they’ll be able to get plenty of hands-on experience working within an international team. And the best part is, there’s no prior work experience required."

Following on from the success of 2014's Program, Ubisoft is now asking new and upcoming graduates to register their interest in participating. Successful applicants will secure a two year position designed to help them learn specific tasks and roles. Ubisoft said it hopes for participants to earn four years worth of experience in just two, potentially setting them up to take on a more senior role at Ubisoft - or elsewhere, I guess.

Positions are available in France, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Romania, the UK, Canada, the US and Singapore. Ubisoft is hoping to include even more studios in future years, so if you're just starting a degree that's worth remembering for the future.

That said, Ubisoft will offer relocation and housing funding, and the positions are paid what is described as a competitive salary.

Positions are available in project management, online programming and gameplay programming. Visit the Ubiblog for more details and to apply.

Ubisoft is, of course, the publisher behind Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Rayman, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Trials, Watch Dogs, The Crew, The Division, Might & Magic, Prince of Persia, Just Dance and many, many more. It is one of the most important triple-A publishers - and the only one headquartered in Europe, I believe.

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