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Assassin's Creed Origins and GTA 5 definitely load much quicker on Xbox One X than Xbox One S

Looks like load times for games on Xbox One X are much faster than Xbox One S.

Xbox One X is out next week, but reviewers along with many YouTubers and streamers have received units early.

One such person is Twitch streamer Ray Cox, also known as Stallion83. On Twitter, he posted the loading times for Assassin's Creed Origins and GTA 5 on Xbox One X Compared to Xbox One S.

Loading from the internal HDD on Xbox One X was 24 second for GTA 5 compared to 1 minute 7 seconds for Xbox One S.

Assassin's Creed Origins also loads much quicker on Xbox One X compared to Xbox One S, as you will see below. Keep in mind the black screen you see is when he stopped recording on X to allow S to catch up.

One of the selling points of Xbox One X, as pointed out previously by Microsoft, is that games will not only perform better, but they may also have faster loading times.

Xbox One X launches next week on November 7, and if you want to read up on what Alex thinks of it so far, here's his Xbox One X review. That said, he does seem to be having an issue with the Xbox Store and Operating System. He said it was a bit of a nightmare, but one can expect launch issues with consoles. It never fails, right?

At present, there's aren't too many critic reviews of the console out in the wild, as most probably needed more time to play with it. You can get a look the reviews we've found so far in our Xbox One X reviews round up. We'll add more when published.

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