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Asheron's Call 2 resurrected

Turbine has announced that Asheron's Call 2 is back on a new server call Dawnsong, free for Asheron's Call paid subscribers.

Asheron's Call 2 came out in 2002 and has been shut down since 2005. The announcement comes on the Turbine forum courtesy of Joystiq, and states, "Asheron’s Call 2 has returned! We have opened up a new server for anyone who has an active Asheron’s Call subscription to play Asheron’s Call 2 for free! Although we would have loved to revisit some of our old characters with you, we were not able to bring over any of your old characters. We do, however, present this new Asheron’s Call 2 server, Dawnsong, to all active Asheron’s Call players with a paid subscription or who purchase an ACTD retail key and subscribe."

The forum post provides a link to download the client installer but warns that Turbine still have a lot of monitoring and tweaking to do to the game environment and as it is a beta, the friends list is not available and that the server may be taken down for maintenance if needed. Current Asheron's Call accounts can use current details to log into the revived game.

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