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Warhammer community speaks out against racist YouTuber

A Warhammer YouTuber has come under fire again for racist comments.

Arch Warhammer's name should be familiar to many in the Total War community, but most will remember him from last year's incident where, as his final act as Creative Assembly's community manager, Michael "Wheels" Whelan called him a "dickhead."

Arch Warhammer makes no secret of his opinions and beliefs. His most recent video, for instance, mocks Games Workshop's statement in support of Black Lives Matter.

The YouTuber captured the spotlight recently thanks to a Reddit thread showing screenshots of some of the blatantly racist, transphobic and hurtful views he spouts, along with his moderators, on his official Discord server.

I won't repeat them here; you can click the links to see some of the examples. Arch Warhammer has often had opinions about the "SJWs" and their affect on games culture, but this recent outburst was seemingly caused by the protests against racism and Black oppression.

At the very least, Creative Assembly doesn't appear to be working with him on any content, but it's good to see the community rally against him so strongly. The Reddit thread at the link is full of comments picking apart his logic, and he's already lost a few thousand subscribers in the days since.

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