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Spy_Watch coming to Apple Watch from Surgeon Simulator devs

Surgeon Simulator developers Bossa Studios have announced its working on an Apple Watch game called Spy_Watch.


Spy_Watch, according to the developer, has players heading up a spy agency which isn't faring too well.

Players will need to train a spy and then send him out on various missions to "reclaim the agency’s former glory."

Real-time notifications between the player and the agent are central to gameplay, with all interaction with the agent sent and delivered via Apple Watch’s interface. Complete a mission to earn money in order to improve the spy’s abilities.

“We are now all used to communicating via short text based messages and we felt this would be a really interesting and accessible way to tell an interactive story," said Bossa co-founder Imre Jele. "Thanks to the Apple Watch we are now able to bring the thrill of espionage to your wrist, just like one of James Bond’s infamous gadgets.”

Spy_Watch will launch alongside Apple Watch which will start shipping to customers on April 24.





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