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Apple's VR headset most of us can't afford is out next month

Seriously, this thing costs way too much.

As of next month, you'll be able to pick up the Apple Vision Pro, the iPhone maker's VR headset that'll cost you more than a pretty penny.

Earlier today, Apple announced in a blog post that starting next month, February 2, it's ridiculously expensive VR headset will be available "at all U.S. Apple Store locations and the U.S. Apple Store online." How much is it, I hear you ask? Oh, just $3500. Yeah, it's not exactly an entry-level headset like the much cheaper and approachable $500 Meta Quest 3. It is an Apple product, after all, so they need to tag on those extra few thousand bucks so you really know what a premium product you're buying.

Pre-orders for the headset open up a bit later this month, January 19 to be exact, though I don't think many of you will be chomping at the bit to get your orders in. Plus, it'll only be available in the US for the time being, so those of us on this side of the pond will have to wait a while longer to head into an Apple store, try it on for three minutes, and say to yourself "bit pricey, no?"

What makes the Vision Pro slightly different from typical VR headsets is that it also offers augmented reality on top of its standard virtual one. That's thanks to the pair of cameras it has built inside it, letting you see things like your apps, photos, and movies just floating in the air anywhere, if that's your kind of thing. There's even a little dial that lets you alter how much of your environment you can and can't see, as well as a feature called "EyeSight" that just shows your eyes through the headset so you can look people not in the VR zone in the eye (it works a bit more fancy than that though).

You also won't find any controllers, as it's all voice and gesture controlled, so don't worry about having to fork out extra. Games wise, apparently Apple Arcade titles like NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition and Sonic Dream Team will be available, so you'll have something to play at the very least.

The Verge has previously reported a cheaper model will come in the future, but I think I'll pass on both for now, thanks.

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