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The '80s continues to refuse to die a dignified death as Apple's Time Bandits finally gets a release date

Can't we just wrap this whole nostalgia thing up?

The main cast of the Time Bandits TV series stood in a line in a mountainous area all looking at something offscreen.
Image credit: Apple

The '80s just seems to be repeating on loop, as Apple finally confirms the release date for its TV adaptation of Time Bandits.

Look, I get it, to some of you, the '80s was this fun decade that reinvented pop culture, but to someone that wasn't even born then, seeing nostalgia for it or reboots from that era is just starting to feel a bit rote. But, here we are, with an announcement from Apple that its "first-ever television adaptation of cult classic" Time Bandits is finally out this coming July 24. The series will of course be streaming on the hardware and software maker's Apple TV+, so you'll have to add another subscription to your list if you are at all interested in checking out this remake. The series is also notably led by Flight of the Conchords' Jermaine Clement, The Inbetweeners' Iain Morris, and Our Flag Means Death's Taika Waititi, so it's possible it'll be a little funny at the very least.

Apple writes of the show in a press release, "guided by Lisa Kudrow, the eccentric crew of bandits embark on epic adventures while evil forces threaten their conquests and life as they know it. As the group transports through time and space, the gang stumbles upon fascinating worlds of the distant past while seeking out treasure, depending on Kevin to shed light on each situation. The Time Bandits witness the creation of Stonehenge, see the Trojan Horse in action, escape dinosaurs in the prehistoric ages, wreak havoc during medieval times, experience the ice age, ancient civilizations, the Harlem Renaissance, and much more along the way."

There are a couple of issues worth noting about the series, though. For one, there has been criticism from actors with dwarfism over the series, as in the original film the main cast was composed mostly of actors with dwarfism, including R2-D2 himself Kenny Baker, whereas this new series doesn't. On top of that, one of its cast members Charlyne Yi (Steven Universe) has alleged that they were assaulted on the set of Time Bandits, so do take all of this into consideration if you did want to check out the show.

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