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AoC: Rise of the Godslayer screens show scary wolf mounts


Some new screens and a video showing the wolf mount for Age of Conan's Rise of the Godslayer expansion were released by Funcom this week.

Dunno if we would ever want to ride a wolf that harbored a maw like that one - but to each his own.

These scary looking things can be seen over on CVG, and apparently, you have to raise 'em up from a cub.

"Raising the mount from a cub and teaching it how to hunt, track and fight is a long process, and by the time players have proven themselves worthy of riding it a bond has been created," explained AoC's lead designer, Joel Bylos.

"When you see players riding a tiger or a wolf you'll know that it is not just a right to do so, it's an earned privilege."

If a wolf with a row of teeth to rival a shark isn't your sort of thing, there's always the horse or tiger.

The video of the mount in action is also through the link up there.

No release yet, but to get you pumped - Conan lovers - there's more information and two other videos for the expansion here and here.

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