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Anonymous planning action against Zynga - rumour

Over the weekend, a video surfaced in which a self-proclaimed Anonymous member announced the group's intention to target Zynga.

Pocket Gamer reports the speaker claimed to have access to documents showing Zynga's intention to lay-off 1,000 staff; to out-source its workforce internationally; and to focus on online gambling.

The claims made in the video have clear real world inspirations at the very least, as Zynga recently issued significant lay-offs and has made a bid to enter the online gambling sphere.

The video has since been shut down by YouTube. It did not appear on Anonymous's official channel, and was not referenced via its regular communication channels, however the anarchic nature of the group makes it difficult to ever really pin down what counts as genuine Anonymous activity.

Often described as a "hacktivist" group, Anonymous is a decentralised association which organises political protests and has been officially and unofficially linked with less peaceful activities like DDOS attacks and hacking. It has a number of ideals and goals it pursues but became a household name when it began an intense campaign against Sony, and was later implicated in the April 2011 PlayStation Network hack.

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