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Anno Online, Might & Magic Raiders announced at gamescom

Ubisoft has added two new free-to-play games to its line up with Anno Online and Might & Magic Raiders.

The two new announces come in addition to a trailer for Might & Magic Heroes Online which released earlier.

Anno Online is in development at BlueByte, which produced the last core entry in the franchise, Anno 2070. It's expected to release during northern autumn, and will be similar to the base series except that players can team up in empires and guilds, working toward joint goals and server-wide quests. Visit the game's website for more details; there's a trailer below.

Ubisoft Chengdu is behind Might & Magic Raiders, which is due in northern summer. It's an action RPG with four classes and co-op play, set just before the events of Might & Magic Heroes VI. Interestingly, it's aiming to provide "20 minute bursts of action". Again, you can learn more on its website and check out a trailer below.

All three of the new offerings will be free-to-play and PC exclusive, either browser-based or via client download.

“The free-to-play market is growing rapidly thanks to the improving quality and flexibility in these new gaming experiences,” said Ubisoft's wordwide director for online games, Stephanie Perotti.

“Ubisoft is taking the quality of core games and combining it with the best characteristics of online play to create free-to-play titles that will stand out from the crowd and reward customers already familiar with our popular game franchises.”

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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