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Anno 1602 AD, Albion and Archimedean Dynasty make digital debut with GOG

Three classic Ubisoft games are finally available via digital distribution.

Thanks to the tireless wizards at CD Projekt, Anno 1602 AD, Albion and Archimedean Dynasty are now available for purchase through

First released in 1998, Anno 1602 was the first entry in the much-lauded strategic city builder. Albion is 1995 RPG, also from Anno developer Blue Byte. Another 1995 release, Archimedean Dynasty is a submarine combat game and a precursor to the Aquanox series.

During launch week, you can pick up all three in a bundle at 20% off.

Conspiracy theory time: all three games start with the letter A. Is Ubisoft going to work through its back catalogue in alphabetical order? I suspect it probably has something to do with some German rights becoming available or expiring or whatever, actually.

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