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Angry Birds more popular than Coke and Pepsi in homeland

Yet more evidence of the phenomenal popularity of Angry Birds, now officially capable of burying some of the biggest brands in the world.

Speaking at the Slush conference in Helsinki, as reported by The Next Web, Rovio said a line of licensed soft drinks released in Finland have managed to outsell both Coke and Pepsi, perennial market leaders.

CMO Peter Vesterbacka said the fruity beverage is on its way to Australia and New Zealand next. It's said to taste like Lilt, but less sugary and with a hint of apples.

The drink line is just the latest of Angry Birds' massive licensing empire, which extends in both directions, as evidenced by its recent Star Wars tie-in.

It's interesting to note the relationship of gaming brands to food and beverage; Angry Birds has here launched its own line of products, while brands like Halo are used to sell existing products.

Rovio has said it intends Angry Birds to be "much bigger than Disney" and the biggest entertainment brand in the world.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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