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Anarchy Reigns has more than 10 match types, Platinum explains all

Anarchy Reigns is stumbling towards a belated Western release in January, after launching across Japan in July. Still, developer Platinum Games is more than happy to discuss the game's ten-plus match types, and has published a blog on the matter. Get the run-down after the break.

In a post over on the official Sega Blog, a designer at Platinum Games going by the name of 'Paul' wrote, "In Anarchy Reigns, we didn’t want you to be bored. That’s why we created over 10 match types with significantly different playing styles."

Team Battle does what you'd expect, although combatants have classes tethered to their overall battle rank, and must score points by killing the other team's 'Squad Leader.' Said leader is automatically chosen as the player with the highest battle rank, and can activate a team-wide Rampage Mode that bestows a brief period of invincibility to help turn the tide of battle.

There's also a team-based Survival horde mode, a Deathball mode that sees players trying to score goals while battering each other, and more.

Check out the blog post to get the full run-down of what to expect from Anarchy Reign's mode set before it launches in the States from January 8th, and across Europe from January 11th.

Thanks Polygon.

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