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Anarchy Reigns character intro trailer - Sasha


After the balls-to-the-walls difficulty of Vanquish and unforgiving play assessments of Bayonetta, Anarchy Reigns - the online action title from Platinum Games - is an enticing prospect.

So what's it actually like? Is it madness? Check out the gameplay footage through the jump to find out. (Spoiler: it's madness.)

The new trailer looks to be the first in a series of character introduction shorts. This one focusses on "ice queen" Sasha, whose special abilities include ramming icicles through enemies and recycling Bayonetta assets.

Anarchy Reigns, called Max Anarchy in Japan, was announced last week.

A cinematic trailer teasing a number of characters - including Madworld's Jack - turned up over the weekend.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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