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It sounds like the new Amplitude is a PS4 & PS3 exclusive, sorry PC fans

Amplitude developer Harmonix has responded to fans asking why the Kickstarter-funded reboot isn't coming to PC, Mac or Linux in a new interview. It sounds like Sony's still holding all the cards.


You can check out my Amplitude interview with Harmonix, in which we discussed the reasons behind bringing it back, its brutal difficulty and more.

At the time of writing the Amplitude Kickstarter campaign has raised $342,115 of its $775,000 goal with only four days left. It's not looking great.

On why it's not coming to PC, Mac or Linux, Harmonix’s Nick Chester told RPS, “So we’d love to bring Amplitude to a platform like PC, and in fact it’s something we considered. But at the end of the day, this is Sony’s IP and taking it to non-PlayStation platforms is just not in the cards right now.

"Going into this, we knew how the lack of a PC/Mac/Linux version might have an impact [on our Kickstarter]; we’re not blind to that fact, as I’ve seen some suggest. But we believe in the title, and think that the PlayStation consoles are a great fit for the game.”

“Without going into detail, it does extend beyond just them owning the name or IP. There are other moving parts that wouldn’t necessarily give us a clear path to doing a spiritual successor on other platforms without the Amplitude name.”

Sound fair? Let us know below.

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