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Among Us devs announce new publishing firm, Outersloth, revealing roster of indie games at Summer Game Fest

No, we’re not seeing another Among Us game, but Innersloth has opened a publishing firm to help shed light on other fresh indie games.

Key artwork from Project Dosa
Image credit: Outersloth

It was super nice to see Victoria Tran and Forrest Willard of Innersloth take to the stage of Summer Game Fest. And no, the Among Us creators are not announcing Among Us 2, or 3, or 4. Instead, they announced Outersloth, a new publishing firm with ambitions to bring new indies to more players.

Simply put, Innersloth have money now - as you'd expect given the viral, award-winning hit that Among Us has been - and have decided to invest that money in other developers projects. Nice!

The games announced included Mars First Logistics, Battle Suit Aces, Mossfield Archives, One Btn Bosses, Rogue Eclipse, and Project Dosa from Outerloop Games (Thirsty Suitors). Early Access for Mars First Logistics and a demo for One Btn Bosses are available now, and I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what some of these are about.

And it's definitely pleasant to see plenty of indie games and projects appearing at SGF. Here's to more!

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