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AMD pairs with Raptr to create Gaming Evolved app: offers social functions, streaming & more

AMD has paired with gaming network Raptr to offer PC gamers a new social app called Gaming Evolved. The suite allows users to stream their play over Twitch, speak with other players and tweak their game's spec settings all in one place. Convenient.

In a press release issued by AMD and Raptr, both parties explained that the Gaming Evolved app can was, "designed to make PC gaming as simple to use as consoles," allowing users to quickly and automatically optimise their rig's setting to whatever game they play using the Control Center function. It uses Raptr's cloud tech to identify set-ups and game specs and match them to whatever you're running at the time.

Users can also earn real rewards by playing games, capture screenshots and share them with friends, enable Twitch live-streaming, chat with other members and browse the web from within the app.

The app is in open beta now, and you can get more details here.

In a statement, Raptr CEO Dennis Fong said, "We believe we're taking a big step in improving the PC gaming experience for the masses. Combining AMD's expertise in hardware and performance with Raptr's already popular desktop app and 18+ million community was a perfect fit."

"We've watched Raptr build a hugely successful platform and it's clear that they understand what gamers want," added Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager at AMD. "The Gaming Evolved App Powered by Raptr allows our users get the most out of their gaming rigs while tapping into a thriving community where they can share their experiences and get rewards."

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