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All PSN services are down, Sony investigating [Update: back online]

The PlayStation Network has gone down all across the world.


Update: More and more players are reporting the services are coming back online for them. The PSN status page certainly reflects that. As it stands, all services are back to normal.

You'll find the original article below.

Original story: Multiple reports have been appearing online about a PlayStation Network outage. Reddit, Twitter, and other social media channels are full of players complaining about not being able to go online.

There's been no previously scheduled maintenance for this time, though Sony did do a bit of work on it earlier today. That light maintenance should have already ended, however.

The PSN status page shows all servers offline, regardless of your region, and definitely does not make mention of any maintenance.

The official Ask PlayStation Twitter responded to a few of the reports, confirming Sony is aware and is investigating.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more.

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