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Airscape: The Fall of Gravity stars an octopus in a stack hat

An octopus in a crash helmet and "questionable physics". Nobody tell PETA about Airscape: The Fall of Gravity.

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is a fast-paced platformer with a twist - a unique gravity system which even extends to swimming sections. Levels are designed to take advantage of this quirk, and are physics based, so can change on the fly.

Developed by a team of students, the Airscape project is led by Daniel west, a recent high school graduate from Wollongong, Australia; artist Claudia Starke is a third year university student from Germany and composer Sam Gossner is a college freshman from the US.

Take a look at the video and screens below. Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is coming to Linux, Mac and PC in 2014, and is currently chasing Steam release through Greenlight.

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