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Aion was designed for global launch "from the beginning"


NCsoft said today that imminent MMO Aion was constructed from the ground-up to appeal to both Asian and western gamers.

"From the beginning, Aion was designed for a global audience," said lead desginer Yong Chan Jee, speaking in the game's latest video podcast.

"Aion adopted a global mind-set, not only in gameplay, but also in other components of the game, such as its visuals, that were designed to embrace both east and west."

The game has been active in Korea for the past year, and has seen high levels of activity so far. More than 300,000 in the west have activated pre-orders ahead of launch later this month.

Americans get their hands on the western version on September 22, with Europeans getting in on the action three days later.

Watch the video after the break, courtesy of Kotaku.

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