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AION celebrating its first free-to-play anniversary

Aion went free-to-play in Europe a year ago, and the developers are celebrating the anniversary with events.

According to Gameforge, the Boost event will provide 50% XP, Abyss points and a 50% increased chance on the drop and success rate of items until March 6.

Additionally, a "special happy hour" will be available alongside the spring event on Thursday, February 28 called the Daeva Special. This will give players 20% more purchased coins when buying Aion Coins between 12.00 - 2.00pm.

Update 3.9 will also be bringing with it the Dungeon Finder and Rookie Server on April 17 along with new content and functions. Additional content for high-leveled PvE and PvP players. and the final battle against dragon ruler Tiamat, will be included.

The ‘Arena of Cooperation’ will also be available to challenge three teams of two players each to face one another in battle - basically a 2v2v2 system. There's also the ‘Arena of Glory’, a PvP arena in which four players all fight one another for survival.

Since going free-to-play, over 2.7 million new accounts have been registered and currently 3 million players are playing. Gameforge will be opening four additional game servers soon after the release of version 3.5.

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