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AoC open beta starts May 1

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According to this Funcom press release, the Age of Conan open beta is to begin on May 1, in conjunction with IGN. FilePlanet's going to host the beta exclusively, and 50,000 players will be able to get in the action on a first come, first served basis.

“When we started development of Age of Conan four and a half years ago we truly wanted to move away from the standards of the MMO genre. We wanted to bring something new, exciting and fresh to the gamers,” said Gaute Godager, the game's director. “As we get ready to show everyone what Conan’s savage world is all about, we need final stress testing. Teaming up with the Beta Masters at IGN was a perfect opportunity for us! We simply couldn’t ask for a better partner for this crucial stage of our Beta.”

You can register now. The game hits globally on May 20. All the details through the link.

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