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Ace of Spades launches tomorrow, 500,000 users have pre-registered

Over 500,000 users have pre-registered for Jagex's Ace of Spades in the four weeks leading up to tomorrow’s release, the company has announced.

In celebration, a new video featuring the Marksman has been released for the online FPS. It's the final class to be revealed behind the Commando, Miner and Rocketeer.

“Reaching half a million registrations in such a short period of time is incredible and a real testament to both the quality of the game we have produced and the commitment and loyalty of the Ace of Spades community,” commented Arash Amini, producer of Ace of Spades. “The game has achieved unprecedented levels of popularity and it is great to see so many players pre-register so quickly.

"We are all go for tomorrow and are confident that the game will be a massive hit this Christmas.”

Ace of Spades featured up to 32 players, features a voxel-based sandbox with competitive, team-based multiplayer shooting.

The game will be available to download tomorrow, December 12, for $9.99/£6.99/€7.99.

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