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Ace Combat Infinity is free-to-play: first full-length trailer.

The first full-length trailer for Ace Combat Infinity is here, and it has planes!

The trailer doesn't show much that won't already be familiar to harden Ace Combat fly-boys.

Namco Bandai had this to say on the title's official Facebook page.

""Set in a precise near future world and including beloved elements like super weapons and hyper-real visuals, the game will offer a brand new story campaign. In the new co-op multiplayer, skilled aces will form two teams of up to four players and compete to inflict the most damage on a common enemy."

The trailer ends with several attack fighters targeting something called 'Stone Henge.' Clearly they're not Spinal Tap fans.

The most significant change is that the PS3-exclusive game will be free-to-play, a first in the series' long history. It will be download-only, available on PSN from September 25th.

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