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A Valley Without Wind 2 out now, free with original

If you bought the first version of indie side-scroller A Valley Without Wind, you'll be pleased to learn you're now in possession of the vastly-improved follow-up.

A Valley Without Wind 2 is a remake of the poorly-received original, which was jam-packed with great ideas but just didn't stick, along with a bunch of new content and features. The new version has much lovelier graphics and seems a lot more beginner-friendly, and has been designed as a more linear experience rather than the bafflingly open sandbox of the original, although levels are still procedurally generated.

Multiplayer co-op supports between two and eight players over a network, but with LAN support Arcen hasn't set an upper limit.

If you bought the first one, you already own Valley 2, as they are and will continue to be offered as one bundle, but if not, you can pick it up on Steam for Mac or PC; it's $15 but is 25% off until Monday, February 25.

If you're not au fait, A Valley Without Wind 2 is an old-school acton platformer combined with a turn-based strategy game. You upgrade your character and home settlement, commanding forces as you fight across the map.

In the new version, you can set the difficulty of both aspects of the game, and platforming physics have been improved with both gamepad and keyboard support. Spells can interact, and there are 200 of them; chaining them together in flawless kills powers you up further.

While we're talking numbers, there are 50 mage classes in five tiers, 14 biomes, 125 monsters, more than 100 types of world map tiles, 64 character customization perks, and hundreds of thousands of procedural equipment possibilities.

Arcen is also behind the AI War series, and will soon release a top-down survival game called Shattered Haven.

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