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A dangerous fairy has joined the Paragon ranks bringing the wrath of nature with her

A new hero is coming to Paragon and she's sporting a lovely set of ears.

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The Fey is a support caster who will enter the Paragon arena on August 2. Using the power of nature, she specializes in crowd control and harassment.

Using Untamed Growth, she tosses out an explosive plant that does AOE damage over time; Bramble Patch creates a line of thorny brambles which will slow multiple foes; and Harvest Nettles will replenish mana when a hit is successful.

The Fey's Ultimate, Fly Trap, will summon a huge plant which drags the target into it causing extensive damage. She sounds rather dangerous, much like the creatures in legend and folklore - unlike the cute little fairies people set on their mantles.

Available now on PC and PS4, Paragon is still in early access testing, but an open beta kicks off August 16.

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