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The next era of Star Wars to kick off with a game in 2021 - reports

It looks like our first look at Star Wars' next chapter will be through a video game.

One of the biggest questions facing Disney's Star Wars after the end of the Skywalker saga has been where the series goes next. No one is clear on whether the next set of films will travel to the past, future or to unexplored regions of the galaxy - just that it won't involve Skywalkers.

According to Making Star Wars, a blog with a fairly decent track record when it comes Star Wars leaks, the next era of Star Wars will take place 400 years before the Skywalker saga in a time it dubbed The High Republic.

Although specific details are obviously still unknown, the report says the new era's overall story will be made up of interconnected pieces in different forms of media, including the next set of films. Disney is referring to it as Project Luminous.

Where this gets interesting is a different report from, with information Making Star Wars says lines up with what it had independently heard. According to, the first item on the list of Project Luminous cross-media releases is a game.

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No specific details about the game, such as genre or who could be making it, were shared, but the site says it will be available in 2021 to kick off the new era. It's also not clear if this is some sort of tie-in game on mobile, or a fully-fledged console title on the level of Jedi Fallen Order. goes on to say that Disney wants to adopt the Marvel Cinematic Universe's model of independent, but ultimately connected movies. Project Luminous is said to be the core upon which the new films, comics, and supposed game will all be built.

Luminous will be officially revealed - likely under a different name - this year, followed by the game's release in 2021, and the first film in the new saga in 2022.

The two reports touch on the future of Star Wars at Disney a bit more. They're worth reading if you're curious to know where things could end up.

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