Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Tree of Life Challenge Tomb guide

By Lauren Aitken
18 December 2018 10:55 GMT

Here’s another guide for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In it, we’re going to look at the Tree of Life Challenge Tomb. Look out for the poisonous yet flammable green gas in this level as well as more enemies than you’d expect.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Tree of Life Challenge Tomb

It begins with you ziplining down to a platform and edging your way along a wall. You then grapple-jump your way down to enter the cave. Carry along the path before jumping and grappling on to a scalable wall, rappelling down to the level below.

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Squeeze through the narrow tunnel at the end and once through to the other side, you’ll see large, twisting tree roots. Shoot at the green gas with a fire arrow which will cause an explosion and release the platform. Jump onto the platform and swing to the other side.

Follow the path down to the left, go through the archway and jump over the gap. An icon will appear to interact with the wall and the message “World Tree” will pop up. Jump back over to the other side and carry on to your left.

You’ll see a turning mechanism on your left. After you interact with it, enemies will spawn so clear them out. Head back up to your right until you are high enough to see the giant head sprouting green gas. Shoot this gas with a fire arrow, then jump back onto the swinging platform to the other side.

Take care when walking across the spinning beam, then jump onto another floating platform and climb up the other side. There will be an engraved wall to interact with, after which the notification for “Tree of life” will display. Climb up the tree roots behind you and turn right when you get to a tethered swinging platform.

You will find a chest with a primitive doll inside. You’ll also see that the platform is attached to a post; sever the rope between them to free the platform. You can now jump on to the platform and use your grapple jump to reach the next one.

Jump up to the ledge above and use the lever on the right. The skull above will now start exhaling the green gas and further enemies will spawn.

Make your way back across to the first floating platform then fire an arrow at the green gas coming from the skull. This will raise you up to the platform above. Once you’re on the platform, you’ll have a few more enemies to face.

Head down the ramp and shoot the green most coming from the skull. Run and grapple jump onto the wall in front and climb up. Sever the rope between the platform and the post. As you make your way down the hill there will be a box to open with another doll in it.

Carry on down the hill and there will be a lever on the right and the skull above will start spewing the green gas. Jump over to the swinging platform in the middle then light up the gas.

This time the platform will drop down. As soon as you jump onto the ground, enemies will rush you so be prepared.

Run down to your right past another gas-emitting skull and climb the wall on the left. Keep to the right and run all the way to the top, taking care with the balancing beam sections.

At the top of the stairs to your left, you will find the statue and will be rewarded with Kinich Ahau’s Boon.

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