Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Ancient Aqueduct Challenge Tomb guide

By Lauren Aitken
18 December 2018 10:59 GMT

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the Ancient Aqueduct Challenge Tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It’s easy to get a bit lost and frustrated in this water-based level, so take your time and remember to come up for air!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Ancient Aqueduct Challenge Tomb

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Go forward to the cliff edge and go slightly to the left and you will discover a new base camp, the Subterranean River camp. Light up a fire before you set out on this new challenge.

Next, dive off the cliff into the water below. Once you resurface you will see a ledge you can climb and a large aqueduct structure.

The switch in front of you will raise the water, but you don’t want to do that yet. If you already have, you can dive into the water and go to your left. Using your Survival Instincts, you will identify a structure. Interact with this and watch as the water drains away, revealing a white rope on the wall above a trap door. Shoot an arrow at it and attach it to the raft nearby.

Climb back up to the ledge you jumped from and there should be a pulley. Pull it back as far as it goes then release it. The rising water will open the door, so dive down and through.

As you follow the tunnel, there is an opening you can interact with to catch your breath before you carry on. You’ll need to use your pickaxe to break through a closed-up pathway and squeeze your way through. As soon as you enter the next area, you’ll see some white rope to your left. Surface first to catch your breath and find your bearings.

Using your Survival Instincts, you will find a lever. Interacting with this will drain the water completely. You’ll be able to see a makeshift gate with white rope visible. Shoot an arrow at it and pull the rope towards you until the gate falls apart.

Kill the creatures inside and go through the gate. You’ll see that you’re now back in the first room. Sever the rope between the raft and the gate and kick the raft through the doorway. Climb back up to the pulley to flood the room again.

Swim back through to the other side and jump on the raft. Just above you on your left, there should be an opening. Follow the tunnel round to the right and defeat enemies in the area. There is another gate ahead, so fire an arrow into the white rope and pull it down. Or, if you’re a good shot, shoot an enemy so that they will fall into the gate and break it.

Climb up the ledge and go up the ramp to the right. There are a few enemies at the top so be prepared. At the top of the ramp, there’s the pulley. Pull it back as far as it goes, and it will eventually break but will flood the room and bring the raft with it.

Jump onto the raft and ahead, on your left, you will see some white rope attached to the large water wheel. Shoot at it and fasten it to the raft and allow yourself to be pulled towards the wall. Climb up beside the water wheel and look out over the chamber.

In front of you, you will see a weighted platform. Shoot an arrow at the circular weight at the other side and fasten it to the water wheel. More enemies will spawn at this point. You may need to reattach the rope between weight and the wheel after the fight is over.

Once you’ve done that, kick your raft until it’s in front of a large rock on the left of the chamber. Climb up and take a running jump at the rock. You then must climb the structure on the rock until you are balancing on a beam where you will be able to jump across to the floating platform.

From there you will see a doorway, so run and jump across to the ledge and enter the tunnel. Inside you will find the statue that completes the challenge and rewards you with the Jaguar’s Paw.

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