Battlefield 1 update will make some rather large changes to Scouting class

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 27 April 2018 18:32 GMT

DICE is still making changes to Battlefield 1, and one of the biggest to come will be for the Scout class.

An upcoming update to Battlefield 1 will change how the Scout class works.

According to Westie, the class has a “Sweet Spot” mechanic which makes it so a round fired will increase up to 100 damage, allowing a player to one-shot another in the upper torso.

DICE making sniping a bit more challenging in an attempt to remove a gameplay barrier for newer players. When a player activates the Sweet Spot mechanic during an active gunfight, the following will apply:

  • A new rainbow lens flare has been added to all rifle variants using Sniper, Marksman and Patrol scopes to communicate to the player being sniped at if they’re in the Sweet Spot range. This will allow them to adapt and change their next move, potentially not being hit and taken down in one hit.
  • A new Depth of Field effect has been added to all rifle variants using Sniper, Marksman and Patrol scopes that highlights the Sweet Spot range. Anything within the range will be in focus and anything outside the range will be blurred and out of focus.
  • A sniper can reduce this Depth of Field effect by holding their breath, and the blurring will lessen allowing them to see more of what is going on, but the idea is to encourage players to move into ranges where the sweet spot is active.
  • A new video option has been added to completely disable the Depth of Field effect if players wish not to have their view obstructed. This, according to DICE, is because the update is coming so late in the game’s life, they don’t want to force players to use a new system that is vastly different from the old.
  • All infantry and carbine rifle variants, those without high powered optics, remain unchanged.

Overall, these changes will make a bit more difficult for a sniper to be as effective. Westie explains the changes in full in his video.

Monthly updates for Battlefield 1 will continue until June. Until that time, DICE will release “fresh content, and various tweaks and fixes.” Updates will cover matchmaking, weapon balancing, and more.

DICE promised in March it would continue to support Battlefield 1 for a while longer; however, only a very small team will continue the support.

The majority are working on this year’s Battlefield rumored to be set during World War 2.

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