Watch 10 minutes of Dauntless, the PC Monster Hunter

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 9 August 2017 11:57 GMT

Dauntless has been kicking around for a little while, but it’ll be publicly available soon for those interested in testing it.

The game’s founder’s alpha phase starts on August 18, but developer Phoenix Labs has actually been running a closed technical test these past few days, and we’ve got gameplay from the build.

Dauntless is basically the closest thing we have to a Monster Hunter game on PC. It’s a co-op RPG where you’ll be teaming up with others to take down big monsters. It can also be played in solo.

Arekkz was invited to the the test, and he brought plenty of new footage for all to see.

In the video, Arekkz gives his impressions of the build, particularly the combat, as a big Monster Hunter fan.

The combat in Dauntless is a bit more straightforward than Monster Hunter. Button combos and inputs can all be seen at any time, and there aren’t any hidden moves.

This is a big change from Monster Hunter, which relies more heavily on micro-managing combos pre-fight and min-maxing the moves for the best DPS. This makes it easier to pick up new weapons and do good with them, so long as you’ve studied their nuances.

What makes things interesting here is that the different weapons affect other factors outside of damage output.

For instance, the flurry sword attack doesn’t do much damage, but helps build a special meter. There are two types of monsters (Behemoths) that were available in the test, the Beta and the more aggressive Alpha Behemoths. The Alpha Behemoths are able to get into an enraged state, while the Beta cannot.

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