Monster Hunter XX is playable on Nintendo Switch at France’s Japan Expo

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 7 July 2017 16:05 GMT

Although it’s not yet been confirmed for the West, Nintendo is showing the Japanese version of Monster Hunter XX Switch this weekend in France.

The game is part of Nintendo’s stand at the Japan Expo in Paris. This is not the first time a pre-release Japanese build of a game was show in the West either, particularly when it comes to this particular show.

The game was spotted at Nintendo’s area by Nintendo News. This is interesting because Capcom has so far maintained a non-committal “nothing to announce” stance about a localised version.



That said, as has been mentioned before, you’ll most likely be able to download the game when it launches on the Japanese Switch eShop in August. This is obviously thanks to the console’s region-free nature.

The same method has been used before to acquire games unreleased in the West from the Japanese eShop. The only hurdle would be understanding Japanese, though many Monster Hunter fans would likely know what to do in the game without needing to speak the language.

Paris’ Japan Expo takes place July 6-9.

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