The Division Incursion: here’s a quick look at the high end assault rifle Warlord

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 14 April 2016 22:34 GMT

Those playing The Division should take a look at this video focusing on one of the High End weapons.

Called the Warlord, it’s a high end assault rifle which was added to The Division with the April 1.1 update Incursions.

It seems the weapon is rarely spotted by players, as it drops from the boss on the challenge mode Incursion. If you haven’t seen it in-game yet, give the mode a go so you can grab it for yourself.

According to to Arekkz, it’s based on the AK-74 developed by Kalashnikov in 1974 as replacement for the AKM 1957 model. While it has a high Gear Score, he says the Black Market AK can be rolled with some great Talents which are far superior.

Arekkz will provide an in-depth review for it over the weekend, so check back for that.

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