Watch Bloodborne player defeat all bosses at level 4, without ever dodging or rolling

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 12 January 2016 11:34 GMT

What if you could defeat Bloodborne bosses without rolling or dodging?


Bloodborne, like many of its Souls predecessors, have been mastered so well by some players that finding new ways to make the game harder are getting more and more common.

Some finished the game with only a level four character. Others defeated the first boss in The Old Hunters expansion on NG+7 – one of the game’s hardest – armed with nothing at all.

Today’s feat is a bit of both. It was accomplished by player Tolomeo, who’s defeated all of the game’s bosses, on New Game +6, without levelling past 4, and without dodging or rolling.

To demonstrate just how good of a player he is, watch him defeat Ludwig, the first boss in The Old Hunters expansion. Visit his channel for the full run.

Thanks, Polygon.

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