The Evil Within guide: Chapter 3 – Claws of the Horde

By Staff
16 October 2014 13:45 GMT

Creep through a small village and face off with a chainsaw-wielding monster.


Climb out of the water and along the jetty, going up the stairs. Set the bodies on the floor on fire and you’ll find yourself in a small courtyard. Head to the building on the right and disarm the trap. There’s a save room here which you can use. Take your time exploring this building and the rest of the houses here for plenty of decent loot.

Once you get upstairs follow the room around until you come across Dr Jimenez. After the cutscene you’ll see you need to get the gate over the far side open. Open the crank when the Dr propmts you to do so, then do some more exploring in this top level. You’ll be attacked by at least three enemies, but hold your ground and go for head shots.

Around this area you’ll find plenty of matches, ammo, Green Gel and some grenades. Don’t be tempted to use the grenades – save them for later. Take your time and you’ll be able to kill any nearby enemies easily. There’s at least two axes and a flaming torch in this area, so go for the one-hit kills.

Now go downstairs and outside into the area where Jimenez distracted the enemies. Keep low as one enemy will try and snipe you from a distance – you can creep around and up on him later. You need to work through each building here, looting and killing all the enemies to make your path through the gate much easier.

Note: You’re eventually going to have to let the guy with the chainsaw free. You’ll hear him grunting and growling but for now he’s in the barn behind a wooden barrier. Don’t go too close to him and you’ll be fine. If you get too close he’ll break free. You only want him free when everyone else is dead and you’ve cleared the area of loot.

In the two buildings on the left you’ll find Green Gel, ammo and other parts, and the alley between the two has a chest with an Explosive Bolt. Be careful of any Bear Traps and enemies. The second building on the left has the Agony Crossbow and also the Shotgun upstairs on a chair. Sometimes the Shotgun appears in the house on the far right, so have a good look around.

Right over on the right hand side you’ll see a tall watch tower with a really long ladder. There are a couple of Bear Traps nearby, so be sure to creep and disarm them before climbing. At the top you’ll find a Flash Bolt and some Green Gel. Once you’ve cleared out every room for loot and have killed the enemies, you should be packing as many as 30 trap parts.

If you now head over to the gate you’ll see that you need a chainsaw. Now is a good time to use that save room again, before heading back to the barn. It’s time to deal with the monster behind the barrier.

First, construct Explosive Bolts in your inventory using the grenades and trap parts. Now shoot them on the ground around the barn floor. Shoot one right at the foot of the barrier where you can hear the grunting, one on the corner in front of the pig sty, and the last one just outside the barn entrance. Don’t worry, you won’t set them off yourself.

As you get close to the barrier he’ll smash through and hit the first explosion. Keep backing away and he’ll walk into two more. Some more enemies have appeared, but don’t worry about them as they move slowly. Once the third Explosive Bolt has done its magic, finish him off with a blast from the shotgun. One or two should be enough to drop him, and then miraculously his minions also disappear.

Pick up any loot and the chainsaw and open the gate. You’re done.

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