Bulletstorm “most successful new IP” of its launch year

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 13 August 2013 22:35 GMT

Bulletstorm is considered a flop, but People Can Fly has claimed it was the most successful new property in its launch year.

“That was the most successful new IP that year,” told lead level designer Wojciech Madry Edge.

Bulletstorm released in Febryary 2011; it’s not clear if Madry is referring to calendar 2011 or FY 2012, and it’s also not obvious whether he means industry-wide or just at EA.

The port notes that Bulletstorm sold under 1 million copies and was a commercial failure.

“I think that any time you’ve done your best and read the critical excitement but it doesn’t translate into financial success, you feel that maybe there’s something you could have done differently,” Madry added.

“The problem is, like with the movie industry, the most money is made by [sequels]. In the end we did everything we could to make a great game, a game that we would want to play, and there’s nothing we were ashamed of or wanted to change. We did everything we could.”

The full feature is an interesting account of Epic Games’ buyout of People Can Fly; hit the link above for more.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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