Dead Space 2: Don’t worry, Isaac won’t be “Chatty Cathy” in it

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 13 May 2010 22:51 GMT


One of the interesting things gamers have learned since the announcement of Dead Space 2, was that not only would players get to see Isaac once in a while, but that he would speak as well.

VG247 was present at EA’s spring showcase in London this week, and we asked executive producer Steve Papoutsis how Isaac has evolved from the silent and unseen hero, to having his face and voice thrust into the spotlight.

According to Papoutsis, Isaac is not going to be seen all that much and he’s only going to speak when he damn well thinks it’s necessary.

“There’s a lot of things we’re trying to do in terms of Isaac,” said Papoutsis. “First off, we’re giving him a voice, you know, our thoughts in the first game were, well, he went through some gnarly shit and he never said anything, so, we thought it’s be silly if he never said a word in Dead Space 2.

“I mean, he’s gotta have something to say about what happened. The way that the story unfolds when players get to dig into that, they’ll understand why we’re giving him a voice and what we’re doing there.

“Just to clarify, he’s not gonna be busting off a bunch of corny one-liners or anything like that. If you think of the original game and Isaac’s speaking being the amount of zero, in Dead Space 2 it’s gonna be around a two and a half, three tops. We’re not making him a “Chatty Cathy”, it’s just that we’re giving him a voice so he can make some observations and speak to people from time to time.

“Other things we’re doing to evolve Isaac, include having the face of the helmet retract so you actually get to see his face from time to time and it’s our hope people can connect with him a little bit more by seeing what he looks like.

“So, those are just a few things we’re trying to do as it connects to Isaac”.

Yes, Isaac went through some gnarly shit, alright. So did we playing the first game.

Sound like once again, you’ll want to turn the lights out for the full effect come early 2011.

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