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0x10c physics and light test footage teases Notch's new game

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson is very quietly working away on his next project, space adventure 0x10c. It'll be a while before there's any solid gameplay to squizz at, but this video shows how the sim's lighting and physics are coming along.

0x10c hasn't been dated yet; it's still in quite an early phase of development. According to Notch's initial reveal, gameplay will centre on life abors spaceships, with each player's vessel capable of generating a set amount of power. Managing this energy across the ship's systems will be key to success, but each ship will also house its own fully programmable emulated 16 bit CPU, allowing players to create and execute programs in-game.

The sci-fi adventure will support online play which Notch hopes to emulate at all times, evern when players are logged off; that's going to cost a pretty penny, and 0x10c is expected to use a subscription model of some kind.

Anyway, it's still a long way out, but enjoy the evidence of Notch's happy tinkering below.

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Thanks, That VideoGame Blog.

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