Beyond Good & Evil will be free on PC as of next week for those with a uPlay account

If you don’t already own this, now’s your chance.

PS2 headlines

  • Red Dead Revolver may be coming to the PlayStation Store

    The title is rumoured as a PS2-on-PS4 release.

  • Indigo Prophecy is getting re-released on PS4 next week

    Indigo Prophecy (known as Fahrenheit outside of North America) is getting re-released on PS4 as a PS2 classic.

  • Wii moving to break PS2’s record, PS3 trailing like GameCube

    VentureBeat has taken a long, hard look at the numbers and rendered a verdict. The site’s startling discovery: Wii is to PS2 as PS3 is to GameCube. According to NPD data (U.S. only), Nintendo’s bid for the throne currently sits at 17.5 million units sold. At the same period during its legendary reign, Sony’s PS2 […]

  • PS2 hits 50 million in North America

    The PlayStation 2’s tenure as God-Emperor King of videogame consoles may be coming to a close, but at least it’s going out on a high note. According to a report by The Associated Press, the nearly nine year-old machine’s cash emissions are vomit-inducingly high, with 50 million units sold in the U.S. alone. Will the […]

  • Full Sony Q3 financials: PS3 hardware sales up 195 percent

    Right here. It’s exhaustive stuff. This is the important slide, saying PS3 hardware and software sales for the quarter ending December 31 were up 195 percent and 391 percent respectively over the same period in 2006. It’s worth noting that PS3 hadn’t launched in the PAL regions in the earlier period. There’s a note at […]

  • Buzztime sues Sony over Buzz!

    California-based Buzztime Entertainment has filed a suit against SCEE, says this, alleging that the Buzz! series of games, developed by Relentless in Brighton, UK, infringes its trademarks. Buzztime makes trivia games for bars and restaurants, apparently played by 13 million people a month. According to that Gamespot report, “The Buzztime Entertainment trademarks cover uses of […]

  • Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3 gets 10/10 and release date

    The PS2, Koei-published JRPG Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3 has been given a 10 in OPS magazine in the UK and will ship in Europe in February, Koei confirmed this morning. The game sees the player surviving a year in a school “plagued by creatures of the night”. Blimey. Naoki Katashima, Executive VP of KOEI […]