Halo 5 gets $25 microtransaction

Friday, 5 February 2016 11:40 GMT By Sherif Saed

There’s another REQ pack coming to Halo 5 that’ll run you $25.


Halo 5 launched with microtransactions from day one. Developer 343 said it’s because of this it’ll be able to provide a constant stream of new content post-launch, for free.

It seems the number of items you can spend real money on in the game is increasing. 343 announced a new type REQ bundle that costs $25. The bundle will be available starting February 16 – and, for now, it will primarily focus on Arena variants.

Similar to the Warzone bundle from launch, this bundle grants you two Premium packs per week for seven weeks, for a total of 14 packs. Expect to find only cosmetic upgrades, which are randomised and include armour, visors, weapon skins, and more. In addition, the packs have a greater chance of including some of the rarest REQs.

The only thing you’re guaranteed to get is the full Mark V Alpha set, which is Master Chief’s classic Combat Evolved look. Also similar to the Warzone bundle, it can only be purchased once per account.