What are Team Aqua and Team Magma’s mega evolutions?

Tuesday, 29th July 2014 06:26 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will have a further two mega evolutions in addition to those already announced, if we’re interpreting the clues correctly.


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was, naturally, the subject of the most recent episode of Pokemon Get-TV.

The show only airs in Japan, but we’ve got some details thanks to YouTuber pdwinnall.

A few seconds of gameplay and soundtrack were on show, but the really interesting bit concerned Maxie and Sharpie, the respective bosses of Team Aqua and Team Magma.

Both characters were shown wearing a mega evolution stone, which means they each have a Pokemon with a mega evolution as part of their teams.

We don’t know what those Pokemon are. In the original Pokemon Red and Blue Maxie and Sharpie relied on Camperupt and Sharpedo, although their teams included Crobat, Mightyena and Zubat, too.

Whoever the two new mega evolutions are, they join a host of others including Metagross, Sableye, Sceptile, Swampert, Blaziken and Mega Diancie.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are due in November, exclusively for 3DS.

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  1. TheWulf

    You know, I don’t mind the changed article titles at all. It doesn’t change the article content. You’re doing this to be noticed on sites like ZergNet through affiliation, right? If that brings you more viewers and more money, then all the better, I think. If the articles stay the same, which they have, then I’m happy! And I wish you guys the very best of luck with stepping out into the world, as I’ve seen this tactic work for sites smaller than yours.

    On the topic of this… I’m intrigued. I’m honestly hoping we’ll see Mega-Evolutions for some of the weak Pokémon that need them, rather than just opting for the popular Pokémon instead. I think that Mega-Evolution was the oly thing I was iffy about with X/Y, and that was mostly because they were oh so obviously digi-volutions. I could not stop humming the Digimon transformation theme every time a foe used one.

    I didn’t bother with them myself because I wanted to see if my Pokémon were tough enough to stand on their own right. I did manage to one-shot the legendary, which was kind of hilarious, honestly. It was so showy after you release it from that machine, such a big deal is made of it, then my Tyrantrum one-shots it.


    I actually had to try numerous times to NOT one shot it so that I could capture the damn thing.

    I would probably not object to slightly sturdier legendaries, this time around. >_>

    But yeah, Mega-Evolutions are amusing to come across, but not so fun to use, as it feels like going one step too far. But when you can one- or two-shot them with your non-Mega Pokémon, that’s a good feeling!

    So… the more the merrier!

    But I will feel better about Megas if they give them to weaker Pokémon rather than just popular ones.

    #1 5 months ago

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