How many missions does Destiny have?

Monday, 28th July 2014 03:23 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Destiny beta is over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped learning about Bungie’s shared-worlds shooter.


Destiny isn’t finished, but the beta client has been data-mined by the clever folk behind DestinyDB revealing the current shape of the game.

Although the information is almost certain to change before launch, at present data found in the beta client indicates the full release will have 32 story missions and 23 strikes (co-op raids).

The data also revealed a number of other activities, with the grand total coming in at 148 in total.

The owner of Destiny DB got in touch to help clarify this information:

“There are 23 known story missions, 8 unknown and 1 mission are the credits. For the strike there are 5 nightfall missions, 6 normal missions, 4 vanguard missions and the rest are duplicate. I have a feeling that the nightfall missions are the regular missions during the night although I can’t confirm this at all,” he wrote.

What does seem clear is that there’s quite a lot of content in the build from which the beta client was spun, and that’s probably going to increase for the final game – and that’s before Bungie’s promised expansions.

What won’t be in the finished game is more Earth content, apparently. In a Twitch-archived multiplayer session with 2old2play, Bungie community manager David Dague (Deej) confirmed each planet (or moon, or whatever; Bungie calls them “destinations”, which is cute) would have only one “Explore” mission – the free-roaming option.

That suggests there won’t be any extra environments to experience on Earth outside the Cosmodrome. Dague explained that Bungie had to start the game on the Cosmodrome because it’s where humanity’s golden age began, as everyone rushed to reach space.

Dague went on to say that Bungie has revealed every destination for the final build – so Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars – but hinted that expansions will take humanity outside the solar system once more.

Now that the beta is over, we can’t play Destiny again until it launches in September on PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you need me I’ll be in my room. Crying.

Update: Bungie has commented in response to these matters, saying Destiny has months of compelling content.

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  1. Mythor

    32 story missions and 23 strikes? Crikey. Bring on September. :D

    #1 2 months ago
  2. OlderGamer

    Seems lite on content to me, unless I am not understanding something?

    #2 2 months ago
  3. Sylrissa

    That’s more main story missions then I was expecting tbh, so sounds good to me.

    #3 2 months ago
  4. Sylrissa

    Maybe I had my expectations set rather low though.

    #4 2 months ago
  5. djjoejoe

    @OlderGamer Most singleplayer games have like 10-15 missions, I think the original Halo had an even 10 for example. These missions are repeatable with co-op pals and what not, along with all the other smaller missions and strikes and explore quests for faction reps. I do hope they add a healthy chunk of additional stuff in the 2 expansions they plan as well, I love the core combat of the game based on the beta so I’ll take as much content as they can give me :)

    #5 2 months ago
  6. The_Red

    No, you are not misunderstanding anything. They have also confirmed one playable area (though with multiple sections and paths) per planet.

    Titanfall usher a new era of super light content for 60 bucks. Sadly press overhyped the game and ate its ship up. Now Destiny is doing the same under the guise of “being a 10 year vision” which means ENDLESS add-ons and DLC packs.

    #6 2 months ago
  7. polygem

    You are definitely supposed to replay areas with a higher difficulty for better loot and XP boosts.

    these areas will have hidden bosses and hidden paths for which you´ll need certain equippment in order to make progress.

    has anyone stumbled onto the huge area that wasn´t the main mission in the moon section? where you literally go down inside the moon, into these dwarf-like caves, with the level 12 knights, with the ogre etc? with the closed doors where you heard insane monsterish screams behind it?

    that stuff was fantastic and it was extremely easy to completely miss. that part.

    discovering that area took me longer than the actual moon mission.

    i was in a party chat with a friend. we both replayed the moon again alone with a higher difficulty after playing through it coop…he then went off track and found that area, sending me scrreenshots and going crazy about it. i went there immediately as well.
    it was awesome.

    overall though, i would personally buy this full price for the PvP alone. I have putted a lot of time into it and i believe that they nailed it in this department.

    Most fun i had with a competitive MP since Halo Reach.

    The thing is, the basic gameplay mechanics work. The game is just crazy fun to play, to shoot, jump, melee.

    It bet that it will have tons of content right from the get go but, just like Halo, i will play through that content again and again on the harder difficulties because it´s so much fun.

    In Destiny it comes with more rewards than a legendary icon on your gamercard and a xbox360 cheevo, which is very promising and motivating in it´s own right.

    It might not work for everyone but i bet it will work for me. In fact, i am a little afraid that it might work too good on me.

    How can you see how many hours you have played on the PS4?

    I bet that i have putted more than 30 hours into this already…i am afraid to check that :D

    i loved every second of it and i haven´t got bored by this limited content at all in the week that i´ve played it, so i am excited about the full release obviously.

    this game will probably be my companion for many many years and definitely THE competitive MP shooter that i will focus on.

    it pushes all those buttons…

    #7 2 months ago
  8. polygem


    The games that i feel have given me the most value of all the last gen games, icluding all the platforms have been Reach and the Souls games.

    If i would break it down to one game – pure gaming time – It would clearly go to Reach.

    To me that game was close to perfect. I loved the clean aesthetics, it ages well, it plays and looks great even today.

    I just picked it up again and again because i craved the gameplay mechanics, the fun of actually playing the game and i can already tell that this will probably happen with Destiny again.

    That´s great game design right there.

    I really like to compare Bungie to Nintendo in that regard because, like Nintendo, they focus on gameplay, they try to get that formula right first of all – and it pays off big time.

    Overall, i don´t think that it wil be light on content at all – at least not for me. In fact i fear that this game will offer me more than i can handle in my gaming time :D

    #8 2 months ago
  9. Quige

    23 strikes sounds excellent. I was worried that with just the 4 destinations confirmed that there would be 1 stike per location. 23 will keep me and my co-op buddies busy for a fair while I’m sure. I don’t remember when I’ve had as much fun with a game, and it’s only the beta! The mix of story, co-op and multiplayer is spot on for me. The excitement of going to the moon for those two hours was great, a masterly tease and reveal by Bungie. Can’t wait for September 9th, getting my leave card out now to book some time off. Just not quite sure what to do until then :(.

    #9 2 months ago
  10. Hcw87

    According to DestinyDB there are 22 Story Missions and 6 Strikes (Day+night time) and 5 vanguard strikes.

    Nowhere near the stated 32 story missions and 23 strikes.

    Seems pretty low on content to me, considering the missions takes anywhere from 10-15 mins to complete. Also a huge letdown to only have one location per planet.

    Suddenly the scope of the game doesn’t feel so big anymore.

    #10 2 months ago
  11. Moonwalker1982

    For a singleplayer experience where levels truly feel different from eachother it would have been pretty damn good, but so far the levels in Destiny beta are incredibly repetitive and really feel samey. Starts to sound more and more like a game full of promises about being a huge huge game….but really isn’t all that huge after all.

    #11 2 months ago
  12. The_Red


    Why did you have to drop the Souls bomb? You know I can’t disagree when Souls games are involved.
    Reach though, I have to disagree. I kinda liked the story and semi-open nature of levels but overall, this was a rather disappointing Halo for me.

    Regarding the Nintendo comparison, I would actually go with Souls team because while Bungie does try to focus on gameplay, they sometimes fail (With ODST and Reach IMO). The original Halo trilogy is mostly great though with Halo 1 still being among my faves.

    #12 2 months ago
  13. polygem

    I hear you. I respect that opinion…but I strongly disagree. Reach is probably my most loved last gen game. They absolutely nailed it with this one for me. I played this in and out. Finished it on legendary. I love it so much :D

    #13 2 months ago
  14. polygem

    I hear you. I respect that opinion…but I strongly disagree. Reach is probably my most loved last gen game. Definitely in the top 5. They absolutely nailed it with this one for me. I played this in and out. Finished it on legendary. I love it so much :D In retrospective Reach hinted a lot at Destiny. The menues and starting screen. The spaceship level. The abilities. The dailys and so on…maybe that’s why I dig Destiny so much…it is an extremely polished and refined, extended Halo Reach. To me that’s not a bad thing at all.

    #14 2 months ago
  15. OlderGamer

    Anyone recall how many missions EQ, WoW, Rift, and those type of games had at their launches? Also I have also read conflicting reports of the games content. Truthly, if the mp were grand in scope(think wow battlegrounds or sw battlefront), I wouldn’t care too much. But I really have a feeling I could get bored of Destiny pretty fast. I hope not, I enjoyed the beta, just not the pvp.

    #15 2 months ago
  16. ignoreLander

    But does it have playable women in it?

    #16 2 months ago
  17. The_Red

    Wow / EQ comparison is part of the problem. The paid subscription model has died and publishers are searching for various methods to revive or mimic it.

    Activision is doing so by endless supply of DLC through their supposed “10 year” plan. Oddly enough, both Destiny fans AND devs keep repeating that Destiny is NOT a MMO and yet its mission design and future plans scream MMO.

    #17 2 months ago
  18. OlderGamer

    I think a mmo comparison is fair. Sure Desteny isn’t Defiance or WoW, but those games weren’t M59 or Ultima Online either, like most games the mmo genre has evolved and changed. I also tend to think that games will blend genres alot going forward. So i am very ok with Desteny, it is fun,imo. But amount of content is an issue. The lvl cap is only 20. The games i am used to playing have more missions. And playing 6v6 pvp is like playing games in SD instead of HD, you could but it would feel like something is missing. For pvp i want Wintergrasp levels of scope and grandness. At lest give us BF sized scope.

    #18 2 months ago
  19. TheSuave

    32 story missions wow, That is a lot compared to Halo, and some CoD games. But I did read something about expansion packs being released with the game or a month later. Something with a wolf, dunno but there is story missions that you can play on a higher difficulty to get better stuff as I saw someone said earlier.

    Should be fun.

    #19 2 months ago
  20. Armitage Shanks

    How did you manage to get to the moon? it was locked for me and said it would only be available to play on release.I didn’t have a lot of hyped built up for this but i really enjoyed the Beta,i found the whole thing very impressive,was also the smoothest online experience i have ever had on a console game and this was Beta i was playing on the Xbox360.Very much looking forward to its release now,gotta start reading up on those grimoire cards i unlocked,absolutely no idea whats going on in the game apart from some interstellar big bad is coming.

    #20 2 months ago
  21. RPGFiend

    I usually sit here and am a silent reader on this site but this is just rediculous. 90% of the naysayers of this game are people that haven’t played it. There are so many people on here that don’t even console game that have the loudest opinions on things they don’t know about.

    This game is fantastic. will sell like hotcakes and be hugely successful over the next 3-5 years. anyone who thinks otherwise is just a blind hater.

    P.S: Polygem is the only one on here with a decent respectful opinion, which i generally agree with 9/10.

    #21 2 months ago
  22. Legendaryboss

    @RPGFiend This game is fantastic. will sell like hotcakes and be hugely successful over the next 3-5 years. anyone who thinks otherwise is just a blind hater.

    No one doubts the bolded, but the subjective starter linked with blind hater is just wrong on so many levels. Not everyone is going to agree that this game is fantastic for obvious reasons.

    #22 2 months ago
  23. polygem

    @Armitage Shanks
    You have been able to access the moon for 2 hours on saturday night. It was great but don´t worry if you´ve missed out. This way you wont be spoiled when the full game launches :D

    Thank you. You should definitely post more often :D

    @Topic and OG and a few others
    I think that the level cap at 20 makes a lot of sense. This way everyone will be able to build a good character pretty fast, that will work in PvE and PvP. The level cap 20 doesn´t mean that it will stop there. You will still be geting tons of weapon and armour upgrades…then you´ll have the sub classes.

    There will be lots of stuff for you to tweak and finetune while you progress but everyone will be able to have a decent and very competitive character at level 20.

    They will probably rise that level cap later with some expansions though obviously.

    I don´t have a problem with this game being build on expansions if the content of these expansions give me good value and tbh in that regard i fully trust Bungie because they have proven over and over again that buying their games was worth dropping the cash.

    Regarding the MMO elements…It has those of course but it handles them very differently.

    This game will allow you to drop in and out so much more easily (see above: level cap).

    You will be able to play Destiny like crazy 24/7 for a few months and then completely stop playing it for a half a year and you will be able to jump right back in without feeling that you have lost touch, can´t cope with the other players anymore because they have advanced so much more in the meantime. That´s one of the key elements Bungie have focused on…At least that´s the promise. I totally dig that promise.

    Well, we´ll be able to judge this when it is out and a few months old. I am extremely confident that it will be well worth every penny.

    I see that you have changed your avatar…Have you given the old one to your friend? Just like your youtube channel?

    Want to share gamer tags with me bro?

    #23 2 months ago
  24. Blandock

    I’m not worried. I’ve spent more than 30 hours with the beta alone. The game is great, PvP is fun. Looking forward to the full game on September.

    #24 2 months ago
  25. marporte

    Its all about conventions. 2K did Borderlands with RPG conventions and the game had a new game plus and it lasted over 200 plus hours for some. Destiny follows MMO conventions. There is crafting weapon upgrading ship upgrading armor shading, mount purchasing, and legendary loot. MMOs start with low level caps and from there we get expansions into new areas, new enemies, weapons, loot, and PVE scenarios and maybe new character classes and subclasses down the line. Character classes have a distinct style and there subclasses for different abilities. MMOs are design with the purpose of exploring the world taking on events and doing everything the world has to offer. FFXI is a basic MMO and while there are no shooter mechanics the MMO is still going pretty strong past a decade with an new expansion even with FFXIV getting popular. If Bungie really though this universe and its growth like a real MMO like Blizzard, Squre, Sony, then there will be content for years to come.

    #25 2 months ago
  26. polygem

    I really like your Destiny analysis. Have been reading your posts on a few other threads as well. I completely agree with that. I think that you really get the essence of what this game actually is trying to achieve.

    But yeah, let´s wait for the finaly build…

    #26 2 months ago
  27. polygem

    “final build”…i am not patient enough for the lack of an edit button :) well at least this way the threads will get a few more posts, looking a bit more crowded.

    #27 2 months ago
  28. marporte

    @polygem Thanks, I appreciate that. I am glad to give this shared world shooter a try. The Destiny beta by design was genius. Battlefield Hardline gave you the ability to have everything unlocked near the end to see how it would play so all you have to think about and it felt like a 60 dollar mod. Destiny laid out so much in the tower, earth, moon, and crucible, the menus and various shops in plain sight, we didn’t get to do 5% of everything the beta hinted at we just took on a few story missions and events and a single PVE mode with a few maps. This is easily one of the most customizable and accessible MMOs to hit any console and there is no monthly subscription. Destiny is pretty fun which is saying a lot because outside of 90% of the games with first person shooting over the past 5 years are just soulless.

    #28 2 months ago
  29. polygem

    Ok, you have finally managed to ignore me. congratulations :D
    that´s a legit option.
    i respect it eventhough i think that you should always face problems instead of ignoring them. i just wish you would start to stand up for yourself, admiting a mistake here and there. i really have no idea what you are so afraid of.
    that being said. i don´t have a grudge against you. seriously not. i absolutely dislike the way you interact with others online but i think we´d get along ok in a face to face scenario.
    it´s all good pal.

    #29 2 months ago
  30. ManuOtaku

    Poly, great to see you defend with passion, what you like.

    I agree With you about destiny, and there wasnt/isnt never a shadow of doubt in my mind this game will be good, is bungie here, one of the best developers on the industry, personally in my top 3 with nintendo and blizzard.

    As Soon as i will get internet this will be an instant buy. Now iam playing wolfenstein the new order, in my eyes a masterpiece, since halo and prey, the best FPS i had played in a long time.

    #30 2 months ago
  31. marporte

    @ManuOtaku The New Order is awesome. It was a bold decision to leave out MP and focus on a strong campaign. The New Order has one of the best campaign of a shooter for to come in a long time. Far Cry 3 is a close second but the fight with Vaas was anticlimactic and the last act and the two endings were just not that great.

    #31 2 months ago
  32. ManuOtaku

    @marporte agreed, i didnt put far cry, bioshock, borderlands, etc, although i like them all, especially borderlands, because in my eyes they are not 100% FPS, certainly they are great FPS, but they do other great things as well, like merging different types of genres (RPG,adventure, etc)

    #32 2 months ago
  33. polygem

    i hope you will be able to get that internet up and running before september 9 manu :D

    destiny is a lot of fun. i have played it alone and with a real life friend as well as with some fellow vg247 comrades in arms. it is enjoyable on all fronts. that´s the best part of it imo. you can always find something to do. jump in. play. jump out – and you will always get a feeling of improving your character. it just fits my gaming schedule perfectly these days.

    still have to pick up wolfenstein. i will do that soon. no question about that. looking forward to it.

    since you´ve mentioned blizzard: i am also SUPERexcited about diablo III on the ps4 :D

    there are a few games that i have been looking forward to for quite a while now that are finally coming out later this year…on the nintendo machines as well.

    good times!

    #33 2 months ago
  34. marporte

    @polygem Next Gen systems are finally picking up steam

    #34 2 months ago
  35. polygem

    yep, exactly. some good stuff is coming out this year eventhough some games are remade last gen games like the last of us or diablo III and the halo collection – which looks insanely great btw and could absolutely make me bite for the xbox one eventhough i really wanted to wait a few more years with that – i will try to stick with that plan but we´ll see what happens. gamingwise i can be pretty impulsive with my buying behaviour.

    2015 will hopefully become a year with some real heavy hitters for the one and the four. some are already announced but we´ll hopefully see some surprises too.

    destiny definitely helped changing the switch in my mind regarding these new systems. i am much more optimistic now.

    #35 2 months ago
  36. marporte

    @polygem This beta made me excited for this gen more than any game. I am looking forward to this fall’s releases and 2015 is going to be a year full of awesome gaming experiences on all platforms. It is starting to feel good to make that jump to next gen.

    #36 2 months ago
  37. jmg24bad

    I spent 52 Hours and 30 Minutes in the Beta. Not counting the alpha. I am expecting a very fun game for sure. And the destinations seem to be pretty huge. I know for sure all of Earth hasnt been explored

    #37 2 months ago

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