The Last of Us PS4 frame-rate can be locked at 30FPS

Wednesday, 16th July 2014 11:46 GMT By Matt Martin

Players of The Last of Us: Remastered for the PS4 will be able to lock the frame-rate to 30 frames-per-second.


That’s according to a report from Eurogamer Spain, after attending a presentation by Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer.

The Last of Us on PlayStation 4 runs at 60FPS and 1080p in single-player and multiplayer modes.

The re-release of the 7 million-selling title will also feature a Photo Mode and later this year new DLC will be available which will be cross-buy for both PS3 and PS4 formats.

The Last of Us: Remastered is released July 30th.

Thanks Eurogamer.



  1. Llewelyn_MT

    I’m sure an option (a default one at that!) of locking it to 720p and 480p would be just as much if not even more useful. Otherwise the poor console gamers might face a shock that would detract them from the titles that are not proper 1080p!

    That would be a terrible blow to console gaming.

    #1 2 months ago
  2. Legendaryboss

    @Llewelyn_MT How noble of you!

    #2 2 months ago
  3. onlineatron

    may lock it. 60fps is nice but dropping frames looks less smooth than locking at 30

    #3 2 months ago
  4. wicktus

    I don’t think 60 fps is useful for this kind of game, it’s not grand turismo, Killzone battlefield etc…

    #4 2 months ago
  5. TraceableX

    Go to your fav site, or beg on any publisher’s forums.

    PC gamers always cry when they see console games and try their best to belittle them. Poor people.

    #5 2 months ago
  6. Aullah

    @wicktus You are wrong. Very wrong.

    #6 2 months ago
  7. Aullah

    So. It turns out it will not run on 60fps (it will run on max 60 fps) What an epic fail! Remastered my ass.

    #7 2 months ago
  8. psxman

    “…and later this year new DLC will be available which will be cross-buy for both PS3 and PS4 formats.”

    I don’t recall hearing/reading this before – When and where was that mentioned?

    #8 2 months ago
  9. Dog4life

    15 fps is enough for gran turismo , its so damn slow.

    Praise the “next generation”, where gamers spend more time bitching around fps rates and resolutions…..than actually playing games :)

    #9 2 months ago
  10. Legendaryboss

    It’s um, in that report… In Spanish. Here are the details in image form, from Naughty Dog’s presentation.

    #10 2 months ago
  11. Rat

    I read the review and it sounds really interesting . Specially with added DualShock4 abilities .
    P.S I have the PS3 version with season pass .

    #11 2 months ago
  12. psxman

    @Legendaryboss Thanks, wasn’t all too clear in this article.
    So much for Grounded/Multiplayer maps being their final piece of DLC ;)

    #12 2 months ago
  13. ManuOtaku

    Is it my phone display, or i dont see that big improvemt over the ps3 version?.

    Probably I will buy this version just for the DLC, because i didnt got those, so it is an incentive, and i hope there are improvements on graphics ala GTA V.

    #13 2 months ago
  14. Erthazus

    @wicktus Not useful?

    EVERY GAME should be in 60 or higher. Not useful LOL. 60 fps is better looking game.

    #14 2 months ago
  15. DuckOfDestiny

    Next they’ll be letting players lock their games to certain resolution, then suppling options to turn down such features as anti-aliasing, texture resolution and FOV.

    Then before you know it, console games will just be like PC games but on lower end, closed off hardware.

    #15 2 months ago
  16. TheWulf


    You’re proof that console owners can be every bit as obnoxious and prickish as your sort claim PC gamers are (projection?).

    Like I keep saying: It’s not the platform, it’s the person. The person is an arsehole. Most people are.

    #16 2 months ago
  17. Llewelyn_MT

    You may have problems understanding sarcasm.

    My question is why would anyone want to have an option to lock a game to 30 fps when this is obvioulsly a bad thing. The only reason I can think of when locking a game to 30 fps might be beneficial is when a game can only do stable 30-40 fps and jumps to higher framerates. In all other cases switching a 60 fps game to 30 fps is a stupid idea. Stupis is as stupid does.

    Why won’t all these people clamoring for the silly 30 fps instead of 60 get a clue that TV makers these days begin to market 600 Hz screens that use some mumbo jumbo software cheats to make transition petween frames more fluid for non-interractive media? For games it’s much more useful then your daily soap opera of even a sports event.

    #17 2 months ago
  18. Llewelyn_MT

    Sorry to break that to you, but I never signed any internet petition. I also never cry about games, especially console games, because I never owned a console and I never preorder.

    I just hate people doing stupid things and using imaginary reasons to justify it (like “artistic vision”).

    #18 2 months ago
  19. Mike W

    I don’t quite understand why anybody would want to play a 60fps game at 30fps?

    #19 2 months ago
  20. The_Red

    This is worrying because it could mean that normal frame-rate is not stable and may have huge dips below 60.

    #20 2 months ago
  21. ddtd

    @Mike W It’s likely because the game doesn’t run at a steady 60fps and dips down.

    #21 2 months ago
  22. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    I honestly don’t get it and this confuses me. Someone please help. In a technically superior, next-gen upgrade, where they’re improving the resolution and frame rate (because to my understanding and experience, the higher the resolution and frame rate, the better quality the picture looks) – why would they advertise (or even include) the option to limit the frame rate at the “inferior” 30 FPS option? Is there some reason, purpose, or advantage? I really just don’t understand this one. Thanks

    #22 2 months ago
  23. pukem0n

    well, they said it runs in 60fps, but they never said it was able to hold 60fps at any given moment.
    and a framerate thats jumping all over the place is mostly worse than having steady 30fps.

    still, having 60fps throughout the game without it dipping should be the norm while remastering a last generation game.
    does Tomb Raider run in 60fps and does the Halo collection? i don’t know

    #23 2 months ago
  24. Hcw87


    Exactly what it means. Not being able to run this at a locked 60fps is pretty funny. Everyone’s been praising Naughty Dog for their ability to use the Playstation hardware, obviously they fell short here.

    That, or the hardware just isn’t up to the task. This generation won’t last near as long as the previous one. 1400p is starting to become the norm, and 4k is not far behind.

    #24 2 months ago
  25. bobnice


    I think he means that 60fps is jarring in a cinematic game. Kind of like how weird soap opera’s are to watch because theyre like 60 fps vs cinematic movies which are recorded at 24 fps.

    #25 2 months ago
  26. sebastien rivas

    I am very happy to hear TLOU is back.
    Although I do not understand some of you when I hear it is ok to have a game downgraded one way or another ( in occurrence with FPS in this case).
    I think it may be ok for most gamers but it is a blow generally speaking.
    No matter what is said the fact are very simple when it comes to consoles.
    Saying ok or yes to downgraded games means yes for market shares
    As for developers saying yes to downgrading games to lowest common denominator means yes for market shares.
    And that is it! there is no question who is who and who does what.
    That fat yes for downgraded TLOU means a fat yes to ANYONE HAVING SHARE HOLDING INTO SONY PLAYSTATION!
    What it it? you think the engineer at Sony and Microsoft would not lie using a latest Titan based card or latest 290X based card?
    That is what they want because they know gamers, they know games, they want their platform succeed!
    But when I see stuffs like that happening for both major console competitors and gamers says stuffs like if you don’t like it then you are PC or if you don’t like it then go cry somewhere else just makes me sad and somewhat sick to see such unwilling ignorant act.

    What I am talking about is just a DE-FACTO. Of course their are a plethora of other actions to take into consideration but this above is THE very basis.

    What the fuck is next, a PS5 with a 386 DX II based CPU or a xbone 386 DX?
    Take your pick because no matter what, saying yes means yes to shareholder being right; therefore next consoles will slip down and down and down up until miraculously console market does not exist anymore and pretty savagely replaced by something else.
    So you like your PS4 GREAT
    You like your XB1 GREAT too


    #26 2 months ago
  27. pwnftw

    Two steps to forming an opinion on fps. 1. Check out the fps examples at and make up your own mind. 2. Don’t be a dick about it.

    #27 2 months ago
  28. Untold stories

    Thanks for the link @pwnftw that’s better than the one TotalBiscuit uses for his argument. But as one who had transitioned to the whole 60fps thing there has always been one thing I’ve never gotten used too and that’s when you play at 60 everything looks cartoonie. Sure it feel better and plays better but 60 just looks unnatural.

    #28 2 months ago
  29. Hcw87


    The higher the FPS/Refresh rate, the more natural things look. Until you’ve experienced 100+ fps at 144hz you haven’t experienced anything yet.

    #29 2 months ago
  30. Untold stories

    @Hcw87 then developers shouldn’t be trying to hit at 60 they should be trying to hit 100+. But I guess that won’t happen.

    #30 2 months ago
  31. Hcw87


    No, they should be aiming for the highest framerate consumers on consoles can use (60).

    60+ is only possible on PC.

    #31 2 months ago
  32. polygem

    game was mediocre on ps3 and will be mediocre on ps4 – you know what, i will still buy it again, why? because there´s nothing else to play on ps4 :D

    #32 2 months ago
  33. Hcw87


    You bought the PS4 twice dude, should have just waited another year.

    #33 2 months ago
  34. polygem


    maybe…but it´s alright now. i will get the plus stuff for it and i have a vita as well again now. i bought the one back that i have sold to a friend – in the end it was just a one year rental really :D so ps4, vita, ps+ combo makes sense for me now.

    the ps4 is ok but it needs some major tweaks imo, especially in the ui department.

    it will get destiny and diablo III soon.

    i will probably play those 2 games a lot so purchasing a ps4 now seems to be right. no regrets this time.

    i will keep all my stuff. i have learned my lesson. i just had a tough gaming fatigue in the last 2 years :D

    i have a lot of options to play games now with ps4, vita, 3ds, wiiu and pc. that´s a good thing.
    i will probably buy into an x1 as well at some point. the 360 was such a great system. the X1 just doesn´t click with me yet though.

    sony have disappointed me in the last few years pretty often. the psp was the last console i fully enjoyed. the ps3 was a let down through and through to me.

    i spot a lack in quality in many, too many of their games. look at resistance vita, ps all stars, some of the recent ratchet games, killzone shadow fall and many more.

    i want the old sony back, the sony that creates great franchises like spyro and medievil, that truly blow me away.

    it´s not all bad but they need to focus much more. less is more imo. they try too much and their stuff lacks heart way too often. it´s not consistent anymore. it all feels wishy washy. not well thought out. shortsighted. rushed. with some lucky shots here and there. it worries me.

    they are chasing the mainstream market more than ever now and they have lost their identity to a huge degree in this process…that´s my opinion at least.

    they need to adress that, otherwise their current success will be their future downfall.

    #34 2 months ago
  35. Panthro

    They may aswell announce:

    “We aimed for 60fps and failed to provide a steady experience, even though it is a last gen HD upgrade”

    Why else would you cap it at 30?


    #35 2 months ago
  36. Rosseu

    Are you stupid? It’s an option for curious people who want to see the fucking difference of 30fps vs 60fps TLOU. What the hell?

    #36 2 months ago
  37. Legendaryboss

    Well I can’t say these The Last Of Us articles fail in providing text book amusement, oh god I could start anywhere… Starts and ends just as I expected.

    #37 2 months ago
  38. polygem

    “Starts and ends just as I expected.”
    of course it does. it starts and ends with your usual “oh dear” arrogance bullshit. like every article you are commenting on. no surprises here.

    #38 2 months ago
  39. Hcw87


    Spin that shit.

    #39 2 months ago
  40. Panthro



    You people… Always so optimistic and positive even when faced with constant disappointments and failures.

    You are like children who believe there dad will always turn up ‘next time’ to watch them play football but never does, upsetting, but true.

    Don’t believe whoever told you that, they have gave you an option to cap it at 30fps just like how they had to cap Infamous as it was too unstable, it will only make you upset when daddy doesn’t turn up and the 60fps he promised you isn’t actually 60fps at all.

    #40 2 months ago
  41. The_Red

    If anything, this will be a longer gen.

    Funny thing is that I’m absolutely ok with a game that runs at 30fps on 1080p. There are people that say they won’t play games that are sub-60fps (TotalBiscuit in some of his comments about PS4 / XB1 games). I disagree with them but here’s the thing:

    Instead of admitting limitations or just keeping silent, these companies / devs try to spin the weaknesses with the dumbest and most insulting excuses. Saying Order is meant to be cinematic and 60fps hurts it is pure BS. Saying people will like 30fps better than 60fps so here is the option is BS.

    30fps is objectively fine and people who say they can’t play at 30fps are idiots. At the same time, 60fps is objectively BETTER and no one can say 60fps is worse. Some people like to use the Hobbit’s 48fps example as the cinematic difference but they forget about the difference in lighting (The element that makes clothes feel cheap in movies).

    #41 2 months ago
  42. Legendaryboss

    @polygem So much hate, you keep going tho.

    #42 2 months ago
  43. Panthro


    Hahaha +1 Polygem, +1.

    #43 2 months ago
  44. lubu

    where is my comment ? fuck your comment section

    #44 2 months ago
  45. Rosseu

    Including the option of locking it at 30fps which the original game was, is a failure for a remaster released on ps4? LOL okay

    #45 2 months ago
  46. Panthro


    It’s a failure that they have included the option BECAUSE of the limitations of the PS4 not being able to keep a steady 60fps.

    #46 2 months ago
  47. lubu

    guess what’s better than 30fps ? ……

    #47 2 months ago
  48. BrahManDude

    a unstable 60 fps will be annoying probably going to have to lock it

    #48 2 months ago
  49. zoopdeloop

    word has it that it’s just an artistic preference option.It is locked at either 60 or 30 fps (for those who prefer a more cinematic look)

    #49 2 months ago
  50. Hcw87


    ”Cinematic look” is just as bad as the ”Cloud”.

    But good to know that we can (hopefully) lock to 60.

    #50 2 months ago
  51. OrbitMonkey

    I find myself not caring. Its not like a superior version is available on another platform.

    #51 2 months ago
  52. zoopdeloop

    actually thinking about it,makes a little bit of sense
    did you ever wondered why movies are still locked at 24fps even when the industry went digital?
    60fps give a somehow distracting layer of artificiality to the whole cinematic look and feel.

    #52 2 months ago
  53. derpex

    Naughty Dog has confirmed multiple times it’s a steady 60 fps if unlocked. Keep hating, kids.

    #53 2 months ago
  54. jaycjohnson22

    @Llewelyn_MT Dude shut the f*ck up! You guys are so fuckin annoying. I cant read about video games one time without hearing some dumb virgin get on the internet to justify his purchases. EVERYONE has a computer these days, does that mean you’re superior because u choose keyboard amd mouse? No that’s just what u picked why cant mutants like you just play and stfu.

    #54 2 months ago
  55. jaycjohnson22

    If you are a pc gamer looking to talk down consoles. Why are you here? Jealousy? Pathetic virgins

    #55 2 months ago
  56. zombizmo

    Pretty much confirms the game wont be a smooth 60fps. Kind of a bummer especially coming from ND.

    #56 2 months ago
  57. Aullah

    @derpex keep dremin

    #57 2 months ago
  58. sho0ok

    @Dog4life And who’s fault is it? Ill tell you, it rhymes with…..Pony. lool

    #58 2 months ago
  59. lubu

    wow, ps4 fags are crying bad here :))

    #59 2 months ago
  60. Panthro


    90% of the time…

    “Looool xbox’s are so shit 30fps 720p last gen pos xbone hedurhdjdhususu”

    Then once your PS4′s fall short…

    “Hey, stop talking down PS4s, you guys are jealous of our 30fps cinematic games, PC gamers are retards. Fps and res doesnt matter to gaming!”

    That’s you guys, thats how you act. Don’t fight it. Embrace your hypocrisy.

    #60 2 months ago
  61. Panthro

    Actually lets use this as an experiment…

    Lets see how many of these idiots play the game at 60fps and then cap it at 30fps to make it more ‘filmic’…

    I bet no console gamers with common sense will.

    And those few weak minded, probably own a disabled parking badge gamers will fall victim to some placebo effect and still believe every lie there developers feed them.

    #61 2 months ago
  62. Eregol

    The official line on this is that the game does run at 60fps but has the option of a 30fps lock for those who prefer to pay at 30fps.
    Although this is the official line, may be PR bull.

    #62 2 months ago
  63. Gheritt White

    PC gamers vs Console gamers AGAIN?!?! Srsly,WTF.

    That’s it, I’m out. Have fun, I for one am done.

    #63 2 months ago

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