Once you play The Last of Us: Remastered at 60fps, you’ll never go back

Monday, 30th June 2014 16:30 GMT By Sherif Saed

The Last of Us: Remastered is all but confirmed to run at 60fps. Adding more fuel to the fire, one Naughty Designer has played the game at 60fps and described how they felt.


Kurt Margenau, of the studio’s designers working on the upcoming Uncharted 4, has played a recent build of The Last of Us: Remastered at 60fps and had this to say on Twitter.

“Played some #TLOU at 60 fps tonight for the first time (60fps cutscenes and all). Transformitive. I’m a believer. Don’t think I can go back.”

Game director Bruce Straley did a bit of teasing on Twitter too saying, “I had a dream in 60fps last night. #TLOUremastered.” To which creative director Neil Druckmann replied, “@bruce_straley: I had a dream in 60fps last night. #TLOUremastered” what if I told you that was no dream? #believe.”

Although Naughty Dog has yet to confirm the frame rate of the final version, it’s now more likely than ever for it to be 60fps.

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  1. wamp

    make it F&^%*&#$ happen and make it at least 80% steady.

    inb4 the winners that above 30fps breaks the movie-like experiance. I feel your paint but i don’t care actually.

    #1 5 months ago
  2. BrokenSpline

    Can’t wait for this I traded in the PS3 version for $15 and had some credit and now I am getting Last of US remaster for less than $30. Woot!

    #2 5 months ago
  3. xxxGamesMasterxxx

    So sad that the best game coming to PS4 this year is a PS3 game from last year…

    #3 5 months ago
  4. Legendaryboss

    #4 5 months ago
  5. Sherif Saed

    I doubt it will be locked at 60fps, though it would be great if they manage it.

    #5 5 months ago
  6. undermyrules

    like console gamer palys 60 fps game for the first time in thier life

    #6 5 months ago
  7. Ghostly

    So funny watching console gaymers getting all excited for 60 fps. Usually, when you offer this argument in favour of the PC’s vastly superior gaming experience, they say it’s not important, it doesn’t matter, 30 is enough. So funny. Next thing, they’ll probably discover that water is wet.

    #7 5 months ago
  8. Panthro

    Its to bad Santa Monica? Cannot see sense like this guy does.

    Hes technically a representitive for things ‘console’ in my eyes anyway and hes spitting on 30fps right here.

    Its an area more console developers should bite the bullet for and actually focus on rather than maximising other crap which detracts from the playability (framerate).

    I dont know if I should be giving this guy credit or not, on one hand 60fps should be a stabdard and shouldnt even be an issue to achieve, but on the other there are other console developers feeding poo into there customers ears and he is one of the few seemingly disagreeing with it.

    #8 5 months ago
  9. fearmonkey

    All this excitement about 60fps,……. I don’t play every game in 60fps on PC because I’m playing at 1440p, and some games are too taxing for my current card to play that high of a framerate. I never go below 30 though, not even in certain parts.

    seriously, 60fps is nice, but it’s not that big of a deal unless your playing a racing game or a fast multiplayer game. Buttery smooth is nice, but the resolution is far more important to me than the framerate most of the time. I’d rather have a prettier game than 60fps and dumbed down.

    #9 5 months ago
  10. Panthro


    The vast amount of console gamers who voice there ‘opinion’ (Can you call it an opinion?) are massive hypocrites. Nothing new there.

    I guess if I had no choice like they do I might try and hide my jealousy by denying what is objectively an improvement just to make myself feel better.
    Luckily I dont have to do that, I have everything but the Xbox One to play on, and I wouldn’t buy that smelly piece of crap if I was given one free, it would be sold on arrival.

    #10 5 months ago
  11. Ghostly


    that’s a shame. You prefer a game to LOOK better, instead of PLAYING better. Resolution is infinitely less important than framerate. Resolution doesn’t affect the game itlsef, the functionality, the playability, the feel of the game. It’s just more pixels. Framerate directly impacts the gameplay, the game itself, how you experience it, how you play it. Resolution and framerate? No contest here

    #11 5 months ago
  12. fearmonkey

    @Ghostly “Resolution doesn’t affect the game itlsef, the functionality, the playability, the feel of the game.”

    Well, 1440p on a 27inch monitor is absolutely gorgeous, 1080p on the same monitor is nowhere near as lovely. Once you play at 1440p, it’s impossible to go back to 1080p. 1080p is fine for a TV, but sitting close to a monitor, 1440p is too beautiful to pass up.

    As a long time PC gamer and console gamer, This is how I feel. 60fps is nice, but overrated in some genres of games. Like I sad, fast action, multiplayer, or driving really need a fast framerate. All other games, it’s not super important.

    To each their own, if 1080p 60fps is good for you, that great. For me, I won’t play my PC games less than 1440p, and may have to give up 60fps to do so, and it’s no big deal most of the time.

    #12 5 months ago
  13. derpex

    More disturbed mustards that literally hate pieces of plastic and anyone who likes gaming on them.

    I own both a high end PC and consoles and you guys are shameful.

    #13 5 months ago
  14. CyberMarco

    @fearmonkey And here is me playing on an 17″ LCD TFT at 1280×1024! :D

    #14 5 months ago
  15. polygem

    for many console gamers graphics are superimportant. they do not buy the wiiu because it is an underpowered failure they say. then they say that 30 fps is fine but as soon as they get 60 fps it proves that their systems are powerful and superior.

    this debate has no substance, never had. if they´d really want the best possible performance they´d have to buy into a decent pc, if they do not care about the performance that much, they cannot criticise the wiiu for being “underpowered”.

    the whole debate is a huge contradiction.

    it is made up by people who canot afford all the systems or who are platform loyalists. most of the time they become platform loyalists BECAUSE they cannot afford to buy more systems and you know, it is totaly fine if you can´t – the only problem is that these guys keep talking the other systems down to make themselves feel a bit better…and that´s just cheap and a bit stupid too. there is nothing one can do against that though.

    #15 5 months ago
  16. Panthro


    Yeah pretty much spot on.

    #16 5 months ago
  17. fearmonkey

    @CyberMarco On a 17 inch monitor, thats a great resolution :) I have a 17 that I use for gaming parties and play at that res.

    #17 5 months ago
  18. ChristopherJack

    @polygem Power is important to the Wii U vs next gen console debate because the Wii U is using last gen specs, you’d be a fool to grab one & expect your Fifa & CoD to look & play as nicely as the PS4 or even X1 versions. Same problem the Wii had & we all saw how quickly 3rd party core games dropped, it may have came out after the X360 but I sure as hell don’t see GTA V, Skyrim or Dark Souls 2 running on it- & you can quickly see why power matters.

    No, no one in their right mind would have grabbed a Wii U for its power or even as a successor to their ps3/x360 because it’s not. Nintendo only gets away with this because they are a special case, so long as the likes of Mario, Zelda & Pokemon remain exclusive, people will pay for the only way to reach them. Let’s be honest, if all Wii U games were available on the cheaper PS3/X360 or the superior PS4/X1/PC, who would still buy the Wii U?

    #18 5 months ago
  19. Spider Law

    Used to primarily a PC player and am now mostly a console gamer. PS4 to be exact.
    I have said it since the PS2 days though…30 FPS is fine and gets the job done but, depending on the game, 60fps is much more welcome.
    For this game, hopefully they offer a 30fps lock option, even if 60fps is solid throughout. Just because, im not sure this game would be better in 60fps and would like to have the option of going back to 30.

    #19 5 months ago
  20. Hcw87


    ”im not sure this game would be better in 60fps and would like to have the option of going back to 30.”

    That logic.

    #20 5 months ago
  21. pukem0n

    should a Sony studio really flaunt 1080p while Driveclub cant get on 1080p?
    weird that they say their other studios suck

    #21 5 months ago
  22. CyberMarco

    @fearmonkey The monitor I have is a beast. It’s from my first PC (Pentium D, 1gb ram) from 2003-4 IIRC. It’s an LG Flatron L1710S, not even 1 pixel burnt.

    #22 5 months ago
  23. Reddpayn

    This game and fps, it wouldnt harm it if it was 30fps (like ps3 version), but of course 60 is better. Its nowhere near mandatory in this game, but the knowledge of the capable (or insufficient) hardware to pull out the higher framerate or resolution is the thing which delights people in the background (atleast me), even though it wouldnt matter or be a crucial factor for the game, like this tlou case.

    And btw, who said that tlou would be the best game on the ps4 this year?! I personally think that da:i or fc4 look far superior in every way than the “old” tlou.

    #23 5 months ago
  24. undermyrules

    30 fps is enaugh debate is getting old ffs,,,current gen consoles must have 60 fps at all games…whats the point then buying current gen console just for 1080p upgrade and some higher textures here and there…

    #24 5 months ago
  25. yeoung

    Hope they fix the controls, only got around to playing it about a week ago and the guy controls like you’re controlling a guy who controls him. With suggestive nudges. Camera-oriented suggestive nudges.

    #25 5 months ago
  26. Shinji10TH

    For those of you that don’t know that, Playstations have always been famous for their inconsistent frame-rate (And it’s more pronounced on the PS4), so expect a 35 FPS average for this, the promised 60 FPS will be there, rest assured, but only in cut-scenes and indoor, action-less gameplay.

    #26 5 months ago
  27. lubu

    but 60fps is bad,it’s like TV, it’s not cinematic like 24fps or 30fps. lol

    #27 5 months ago
  28. Dragon

    Yeah, right. In the end, I would rather trust such things after a review.

    Then again, the comments never cease to amaze in such threads.

    #28 5 months ago
  29. Dog4life

    Not sure, but right now Last of Us remastered is listed for 77USD !!!! in my country (Switzerland)

    are f… kidding me.

    #29 5 months ago
  30. AppleRedX

    So Kurt won’t play a lots of PS4 games? E.g. all these 30FPS_only Games from the other Soony Studios like The Order 1866, Infamous SS, #DriveClubForever …

    #30 5 months ago
  31. Reddpayn

    And thats the reason why it should be stable 30fps imo too (if it is dippy 60).

    But btw, do you know what machine is also infamous for its dippy fps? Pc of course! Its the most annoying thing to watch when it dips from 60 to like 25 and averages around 40, and all the screen tearing, ughh. Its good thats not the case with consoles and their good optimization plus ok 30fps.

    #31 5 months ago
  32. Craig E

    Are these guys really going to keep slapping themselves on the back for porting their own game to an exponentially more powerful console and “achieving” 60fps? I’d be worried if they couldn’t, never mind hailing it as some sort of chest bump-worthy technical triumph.

    Now, if they want to celebrate selling you all the same game twice then good on them. I would too.

    #32 5 months ago
  33. Samurai

    @Spider Law “would like to have the option of going back to 30″
    You’re joking right? Trying to get a reaction right? I reacted, your joke got me good.

    #33 5 months ago
  34. lubu

    don’t talk with your ass kiddo, at least show some proof. oh sorry you don’t have one. you don’t even know what is fps. stupid monkeys

    #34 5 months ago
  35. Reddpayn

    @lubu. Proof for what, if i may ask?
    To the fact that some pc`s have frame rate issues? Or for something else?

    #35 5 months ago
  36. CyberMarco

    @fearmonkey Hey dude, I just jinxed it! My monitor is dying on me, got some weird white lines and artifacts with screen-tearing, so yeah it’s dead! xD

    #36 5 months ago
  37. lubu

    @Reddpayn proof for taking with your ass. some PCs ? you mean 10years old PCs ? console constant 30fps for all games ? what games ? killzone’s multiplayer is 32 to 60fps, infamous had stuttering issues,watchdogs 22 to 30fps,sunset overdrive 20 to 30fps,almost all of the console game have these problems, but you saying PC is bad because SOME PCs have problems like that ? are you that much stupid or just trolling ?

    #37 5 months ago
  38. Reddpayn

    Well, if you compare a 400€ pc to a ps4 (which is a fair comparison unlike comparing something like 700€-.. pc to ps4), you will get much more stuttering and frame rate issues on that pc than what you would get on a ps4. So this was what i meant with the pc and the problems. Quality\price relation sucks compared to a ps4.

    #38 5 months ago
  39. Panthro

    The two above me have way ‘to much stupid’.

    They’re both wrong.

    Majority of consoles games have framerate dips, its not uncommon but they seem fine with it, let them enjoy there sub standard gaming.

    If you’re trying to run a game on ultra on a PC which obviously wont cope then you are stupid.
    A £400 PC has what is called ‘video settings/ graphics options’, Back when I had a pretty good £500 laptop I could turn down a few settings and boom, I was playing games at 60fps.

    I bought a decent PC for a better experience and I got it, I still have consoles and I even have a PS4 and what you are comparing is utterly ridiculous.
    What you are saying is having a PS4 is better due to ‘optimisation’ Hmm. Don’t know where to start.

    With your PS4 you have no choice on the matter how you game and what experience you get, with a PC you do. I can change my resolution, cap my framerate, change video settings to achieve whatever I want to be achieved (within reason).
    I can game at whatever framerate I like, if I want to go with a capped ultra console cinematic 30fps I can do just that, I wouldn’t though because it ruins games.

    The reason PS4′s are ‘cheap’ is because they are locked down, for ‘casual gamers’ who just game every now and again and supposedly are ‘just for gaming’ when in my opinion it locks out a lot of what makes gaming amazing.

    If anyone really is just about the games and not the graphics the PC is still the best option of the two, you can build a PC cheaper than you can buy a PS4 and still run games at a very decent level, I just built my nephew a £300 PC and it can run BF3 almost maxed out at around 45-65fps, He could lower the settings and achieve 60fps with no problem at all.

    #39 5 months ago
  40. Reddpayn

    But the thing with cosoles what i like is that the developers usually optimize the games better and the settings tend to be “perfect” for the hardware. Of course on pc you can adjust the settings to your liking, but it always feels like you must give up too much to get rid of “problems”. And with the optimization, have you watched system reqs and compared the games during last gen? You would always have to have a stronger actually pretty much stronger) computer than a ps3 to achieve the same results. Just check yourself, im not joking.

    Btw, your nephews pc still wont be able to play bf4 nearly maxed out 60fps, like ps4 does :P , am i right?

    #40 5 months ago
  41. lubu

    “So this was what i meant with the pc and the problems”
    it’s not the PC problems, it’s a 400$ pc problem. who buys a 400$ pc for gaming ? so next time before you saying PCs can’t do this can’t do that, be more clear of what you mean by PC. even with that you still can tweak games for yourself to get higher FPS.

    what ? your tying to proof my point, how am i wrong then ?

    #41 5 months ago
  42. Panthro


    It was £300, hes 10 and he doesn’t care about the graphics, even though they will still be very up to par.

    “developers usually optimize the games better and the settings tend to be “perfect” for the hardware. Of course on pc you can adjust the settings to your liking, but it always feels like you must give up too much to get rid of “problems”

    “but it always feels like you must give up too much to get rid of “problems”

    That’s exactly what developers do for optimisation, they cut corners, take effects out, and try to lower as much as they can while still maintaining a decent looking/ playable game.

    …And your PS4 won’t be maxing out BF4 like PC either, don’t be so silly.

    #42 5 months ago
  43. Panthro


    …Which is why it is running at 900p, you can love your console all you like (I have a PS4 myself) but when it comes to things like these, saying things like that just makes you look very bias.

    Also, if the developers optimise games for them to be “perfect” there wouldn’t be framedips.

    #43 5 months ago
  44. lubu

    you can tweak whatever you want on PC too

    “have you watched system reqs and compared the games during last gen?”
    “You would always have to have a stronger pc than a ps3 to achieve the same results”
    of course they were higher than consoles. the answer is simple, you get higher res/better textures/better AA/better fps on PC, so you need a more powerful pc to run them without problems. not mentioning some extra stuff like nvidia’s physx or tessellation (even on nextgen consoles it kill performance – they turned it off for Tomb Raider DE for PS4/X1).

    “still wont be able to play bf4 nearly maxed out 60fps, like ps4 does ”
    funny thing is BF4 on PS4 is not constant 60fps. it dips to 30 alot even lower. and it’s on High settings and it’s 900p

    #44 5 months ago
  45. archaven

    Funny that console gamers always taunt pc gamers that gaming is not all about graphics and FPS and always were labelled the ‘master race’ insult. Funny that you are now seeing a massive amount of console gamers having orgasm that 1080p and 60fps going to their platform? Hippocrites or platform racist?

    #45 5 months ago
  46. Reddpayn

    @lubu. I said “to achieve the SAME RESULTS as ps3″, not higher, the same.

    Okay, maybe i exaggerated “the power of the playstation”, but imo you think too highly of the pc. Pretty similiar graphics, even though you pay twice the price of a ps4.

    And how can you let a ten year old to play bf3 XD

    #46 5 months ago
  47. Reddpayn

    @lubu. I said “to achieve the SAME RESULTS as ps3″, not higher, the same.

    Okay, maybe i exaggerated “the power of the playstation”, but imo you think too highly of the pc. Pretty similiar graphics, even though you pay twice the price of a ps4.

    And how can you let a ten year old to play bf3 XD.

    #47 5 months ago
  48. Panthro


    He doesn’t own the PC yet, it’s for christmas.
    Any game he is allowed to play will be decided buy his parents not by me, the PC will be a clean slate with no games when it gets in his hands.

    Again though, if graphics are something you don’t care about a PC will be cheaper.
    Game performance to price ratio, sure my PS4 may beat it in that regard but you get what you pay for in the end, and if being locked down with overpriced software is your thing, power to the PS4 owners, I like my freedom for now.
    I’ll only use my PS4 when I have to.

    #48 5 months ago
  49. Reddpayn

    I agree, but selling games for newer ones makes games cheaper. You get about 30€ from a couple months old ps4 game, but unfortunately youll lose almost every game by doing this :(
    . But yeah, 60€ is alot from a game

    About the boy, why so serious ;) ? I was just joking.

    #49 5 months ago
  50. Panthro


    I’m a believer that kids shouldn’t be playing games that they aren’t old enough to play unless there parents deem them mature enough to do so ;)

    #50 5 months ago
  51. Kreion

    …I still don’t think this needed a remake THIS soon. I mean, it was the swansong of the PS3…now everyone go buy it again instantly. It just seems stupid – at least the Halo remakes are years after the original. I would have been far less offended by this if it was a few years down the line but now…It just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth – bare in mind that I support remakes for the most part,

    And no shit a developer likes it when their game looks better.

    #51 5 months ago

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