E3 2014: Sony press conference – GTA 5, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and much more

Monday, 9 June 2014 15:15 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Sony brought a megaton of first-party exclusives and gorgeous third-parties to E3 2014, including Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Order: 1886, Metal Gear Solid 5, Arkham Knight and even GTA 5.


Microsoft brought its A-game to LA this year, so we were excited to see how Sony returned that volley – especially after last year’s one-sided battle. An ominously darkened stage heralded the first trailer of the briefing – a lengthy narrative set-up for Destiny which began on the planet Mars. As predicted, Sony is the primary showcase for Activision’s other major franchise, as Microsoft hosted the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare blowout.

SCE group president and CEO Andrew House brought his delightful accent to the stage to describe the trailer as the “embodiment” of Sony’s vision for the PS4, from its graphics to its immersive gameplay, or whatever. There will be a 500GB white PS4 bundle with a 30 day PS Plus voucher when the game launches in September. The beta kicks off next month.

Next we saw actual the The Order: 1886 gameplay. A character I’m calling Mr Fancy Pants (great coat, period facial hair, crossed swords) fought a werewolf, which called him a “swine”, showing a remarkable insensitivity to its fellow animals. It wasn’t clear how much was gameplay and how much was cutscene, unfortunately. There didn’t seem to be a great deal of traditional action.

Sony then continued two of its finest traditions in 01) suffering audio issues and 02) showing a gorgeous trailer for an innovative title nobody knew a damn thing about while they were watching. Called Entwined, it tells the story of two entities in love. When players bring them together, they take on dragon forms, and create a unique living sculpture in the sky.

Entwined is available on PS4 in North America right now for $10, and will come to PS3 and Vita with cross-buy soon.

Sucker Punch’s new project is stand-alone expansion InFamous: First Light. You won’t need the base InFamous: Second Son game to play it, but if you do have it, you’ll score some exclusive content. The DLC seems to focus on Fetch, the neon conduit.

Next up was LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4, making its debut. Media Molecule told us it wasn’t coming to E3, so either this version has been developed elsewhere, or Media Molecule was lying to us. In which case, well done it.

The PS4 version includes new characters. OddSock can double jump, and run much faster than SackBoy. Toggle is larger than other characters and can move heavier objects, but can also shrink and fit through tiny gaps. A third new friend, Swoop, can fly and blow air to lift obstacles.

Shuhei Yoshida was met with catcalls upon taking the stage, presumably because everyone was feeling a bit sore re: Media Molecule’s fibs. Yoshida said all 7 million user-created levels from the whole LittleBigPlanet family will be available on PS4 immediately when the game launches sometime around Christmas – but with improved graphics. Huh. Cool.

Shortly after this I nearly shat myself because Yoshida introduced Bloodborne, the new IP from From Software. Led by Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki – who did not return for Dark Souls 2 – it’s a PS4 exclusive that needs to be in my life immediately or I’ll start to cry. Since it’s not due till 2015, I am greasing my tear ducts.

Sony provided us with a new slab of Far Cry 4 gameplay footage. There’s gyrocopters, falling from high places, shooting, elephants – the works. It’s all very Far Cry, obviously.

Adam Boyes then rocked our gosh darned socks by saying that if you have Far Cry 4, you can invite your PSN friends to play with you, even if they don’t own the game – a PSN exclusive. Holy balls, the future is now. Thanks, Gaikai!

Dead Island 2 is a real thing, Sony confirmed, debuting an all-cinematic trailer for the sequel. It’s being developed by Spec Ops: The Line studio Yager. Original Dead island and dead Island: Riptide team TechLand is working on Dying Light and HellRaid. Also interestingly, the trailer was meant to be funny rather than heartbreakingly tragic. Expect this in northern spring.

Sony then discussed a couple of platform exclusives. The Last of Us enemies are coming to Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition when it launches in August. Battlefield: Hardline‘s beta is coming to PS4 first, as announced during EA’s conference. Disney Infinity‘s new Marvel content will hit PS3 and PS4 first. Destiny will include a PlayStation exclusive multiplayer map and co-op adventure as well as a bunch of stuff like ships, equipment and weapons.

Here’s an interesting thing: Boyes said every single one of the traditionally PC-focused publisher Paradox Interactive’s studios are working on PS4 games. The first of these projects is Magicka 2, introduced by a typically amusing trailer.

Speaking of typically amusing, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer made a cameo as Sony announced a remastered version of Grim Fandango, coming exclusively to PS4 and Vita, apparently thanks to a partnership with Disney. Holy shitballs.

Devolver Digital’s upcoming Sony line-up was then quickly showcased: Broforce, Titan Souls, Not A Hero, Hotline Miami and Serious Sam developer CroTeam’s new effort, The Talos Principle.

Here’s another neat Sony exclusive: Goichi Suda’s next game, Let It Die, is only coming to PS4. It appears to be about killing things in a violent fashion in a gritty world, and is therefore remarkably conservative for the creator of Lollipop Chainsaw and No More Heroes.

As a nice little segue, Sony next chose to show the new game from Giant Squid, the developer founded by Matt Nava – art director on Journey and Flower. Scored by Journey composer Austin Wintory, it’s called Abzû. The trailer is pretty lovely.

Remember how many months ago Sony introduced a new game from the creators of Joe Danger, and it was called No Man’s Sky and it looked perfect and wonderful and we all had to be physically restrained from not wandering into Hello Games’ office and giving the staff passionate kisses? That’s still a thing and we still want to give it passionate kisses.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray came on stage to discuss the fact that his tiny, tiny staff is making one of the coolest-looking sci-fi games on the cards at the moment. The universe of No Man’s Sky is procedurally-generated and infinite. Every player will start on a different planet, and have their own experience exploring from that unique point.

Sony sort of apologetically started talking about the PlayStation Camera, which is almost constantly sold out thanks to the popularity of Twitch streaming, before segueing into a bit of chat about Project Morpheus. It’s on show at E3.

Newly-incumbent SCEA CEO and president Shawn Laydan turned up next. Did you know he was involved in Vib-Ribbon? Me either. He told us that 95% of PS4 owners are connected to the PSN. Over 1.25 billion hours have been played. there have been 1 billion multiplayer sessions. And finally, the Share button has been used 228 million times – a figure that will increase when Sony adds YouTube support to the Share button later this year.

PS4 has logged 150 million spectator sessions, also, and Sony is aiming to add more support for games which allow spectators to interact with the game session they’re watching. A new set of PlayRoom DLC is inbound, allowing users to customise and curate their broadcast content.

Laydan emphasised that free-to-play games are coming to the PlayStation family in a big way – Planet Under Fire, Guns Up and Planetside 2 were mentioned. A sizzle reel showed off a bunch of Vita games, plus shooters, sandboxes, medieval combat and much more. Notably, he underlined the fact that free-to-play games on PlayStation are free – but we don’t know if he meant that they’re not locked behind a PS Plus subscription.

Streaming service PS Now will go into open beta on July 31, and is also coming to Smart TVs. You’ll be able to access the service with a DualShock controller, presumably paired to your TV via Bluetooth. The upcoming beta includes new games like Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and Ultra Street Fighter 4. PS Now is coming to Vita, too.

There are 100 titles in the works for Vita, including Tales of Hearts R, Child of Light, Tales from the Borderlands and Minecraft – the full console version, with multiplayer.

Laydan then shocked and delighted the room by announcing that PlayStation TV is coming to North America and Europe in northern Autumn. It will allow access to PS Now, play classic Vita and PlayStation titles, and can also be paired with a PS4 to essentially provide a second PS4 terminal in your house. It’s going to cost $99 or come in a bundle with a DualShock 3, memory card, HDMI cable and Lego: The Movie for $139.

Mortal Kombat X – it’s “ecks”, not “ten” – got its gameplay debut next, with some new characters shown. Looked a lot like Mortal Kombat.

Oh hey so Sony, like Microsoft, is making original TV content for the PSN (and likely broader network, the SEN). Its first series is Powers, based on the award-winning Marvel graphic novel series of the same name. Co-creator Brian Michael Bendis came on stage to celebrate Sony’s greenlighting of two seasons. A lot of geekily-famous people are involved in the show and if you’re into comics, TV, sci-fi and fantasy media you’re probably already fully informed and shitting yourself in excitement, but I went to get a cup of tea and missed all the names, so.

The first episode of Powers will be free to all PSN members, but the whole series will be free to North American PS Plus members. Sony intends to bring all its original TV content to PS Plus, as well as various other Sony-owned media including Ratchet & Clank: The Movie, which is apparently a thing.

Insomniac Games is involved in the movie, and the first, original Ratchet & Clank game is being remade for PS4. A trailer was shown for the movie. Both will be available in the first half of 2015.

The Last of Us Remastered hasn’t suddenly stopped existing, and since E3 mostly exists to sell video games to the shops that want to sell them to you, as opposed to providing new information for the informed gamer, we had to look at it again. There were spoilers. It’s coming out July 29.

90 minutes in, just when everybody was ready to maybe murder the next Sony executive to hit the stage, House introduced a new Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain trailer and we forgave them everything. It had Snake, and flames, and ravens, and serious faces, and music, and you know, Kojima madness out the wazoo. Snake was wearing a pony tail and put what I assume were Paz’s ashes on his face and nobody marched out of the Sony briefing screaming “I am fucking disgusted” which I found deeply mysterious. VIDEO GAMES.

“Metal Gear Solid 5 on PS4 is going to be amazing,” said House. Oh. Thanks for sharing this news.

Well, of all the bloody cheek; GTA 5 is coming to PS4. It’s also coming to PC and Xbox One, but obviously Sony wasn’t going to mention that. It’s due in northern autumn.

Anyway, next we got a look at Batman: Arkham Knight, the Rocksteady effort that was recently delayed to 2015. Looked pretty good; watch for yourself here. Sony made a joke about having more smoke than EA, and said again that the PS4 version will be “amazing”. It will also come with exclusive Scarecrow missions.

We ended on a really high note: a short cinematic trailer for the newly-titled Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Sony didn’t share any details regarding Naughty Dog’s latest during the conference, but expect an update soon.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

For a full run-down of the rest of the conferences and ongoing reveals and demos in LA this week, use Steph’s exhaustive E3 coverage guide, including an insane schedule from Twitch.


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  1. CyberMarco

    Yup! Same as last year. xD

    Let’s hope it’ll be worthy. Watching the KH3 and FFXV reveals last year was the best part of E3 2013 for me.

    #1 8 months ago
  2. Takeshi

    No picture of Andrew House? I know we all associate Jack with Sony, but still…

    #2 8 months ago
  3. Mike W

    That sucks for you guys over in the UK. That’s 9:00pm for us eastern time guys.

    #3 8 months ago
  4. kisame

    so far Sony conference boring

    #4 8 months ago
  5. stockops3

    Yes Sony new IPs, Let it Die looks so interesting!

    #5 8 months ago
  6. Mike W


    You ain’t never lie, I knew this E3 was going to disappoint. :(

    #6 8 months ago
  7. kisame

    no it didn’t Microsoft conference was awesome so far sony is showing thing ms did last year on e3 lol fail

    #7 8 months ago
  8. Mike W


    Don’t force it, MS conference was far from awesome.

    #8 8 months ago
  9. Mike W

    I think it’s Sony takes the cake now, Mortal Kombat and Batman looks fucking sick. Plus GTA V is coming to system.

    #9 8 months ago
  10. Mike W

    If Uncharted 4 plays like that, PS4 really is a beast

    #10 8 months ago
  11. Mike W

    Sony’s E3 managed to pick up towards the end. Batman, Mortal Kombat and Uncharted stole for me.

    Sorry Kisame, I have to give the edge to Sony.

    #11 8 months ago
  12. kisame

    dude they just show multiplat and then that Sony bull crap tv thing and the marvel movies
    come one what is to force here Microsoft didn’t break a sweat this time
    remember there was an halo tv show they dint even talk about that but just saw game after game and how it ended

    #12 8 months ago
  13. Obernox

    WOW SONY. The Vita got shafted again.

    #13 8 months ago
  14. stockops3

    No Man Sky’s looks incredible, Bloodlore and Let it Die look great to, obviously Uncharted 4, and they are recreating R&C for PS4, I think MS and Sony where on equal grounds this time. Though Sony shouldnt of laid off TV and hardware… I mean the only XBO thing that interested me was Killer Instinct DLC and that crazy DR3 DLC… I prefer the genres that where shown at Sony’s but M$ did push there game up this year.

    #14 8 months ago
  15. ysleiro

    So Sony takes the cake because of Mortal Kombat, Batman, GTA 5 and Uncharted (2015)?

    All those games with the exception of Uncharted will be on the competing console. Give me a break.

    E3 wins are done through exclusive contents/features.

    Mind you that MS caught flak for announcing TV features last year and during this show Sony went on to talk about Powers and Rachet and Clank TV shows.

    That’s cool and all but fair is fair right? Those aren’t games right? I mean if Original Content should count towards an E3 win then I’d wager MS has an upper leg (FIFA events planned this summer, Halo Content incoming, Comedies already being piloted etc).

    #15 8 months ago
  16. Untold stories

    I have to agree with kisame. If we treated MS like crap last year for their tv stuff then we should treat Sony the same.

    #16 8 months ago
  17. CrazyDave

    The Sony conference had me sleeping….
    MS had a better show and exclusives.

    #17 8 months ago
  18. CrazyDave

    No Wow factor whatsoever…
    Batman was their best showing and that coming on Xbox One.

    #18 8 months ago
  19. Rafa_L

    I’m a playstation guy all the way, but I gotta admit there were times I couln’t stand watching anymore, after all the criticism about TV and non game stuff about microsoft how could they do that? I mean, it’s all stuff relevant to be said, but they shouldn’t have wasted that much time on it.

    Anyway, besides that, I’m still with playstation, the only exclusive games I want to play are for ps, little big planet is not a major, but I did have fun with my friends with it, Uncharted is the reason I bought a ps3 after giving up on consoles years before, and dark souls is my favorite game, so really excited for bloodborn.

    Looking forward for the witcher, TR (but that’s more than a year away)… Far cry looks good, and curious about the division and rainbow six.

    #19 8 months ago
  20. Nintendo1985

    Sony’s conference was very disappointing.
    They had people go to the theaters for this?

    #20 8 months ago
  21. Mike W


    Does that bother you that I think Sony’s conference edges out MS’s? It’s just my opinion nothing more. I’m not sure why you bringing up the whole TV situation I said nothing about that.


    I’m not trying to make this into a pissing contest of conference A was better than conference B. You have your opinion and I have mine. :D

    #21 8 months ago
  22. DarkSoulz

    Worst Sony E3 ever, no new exclusives at all just plain old indie crap and just PSN junk. Horrible E3 for Sony.

    #22 8 months ago
  23. lubu

    wow, worst E3 ever, shittiest E3 ever. they have no games to show, this show how much developing AAA these days are hard,expensive and long.

    MS = Disappointing
    Sony = Disappointing
    EA = shittiest conf in history
    Ubi = didn’t saw that

    #23 8 months ago
  24. Untold stories


    Spoiled much? I quite enjoyed the games they showed off even though a lot of them have been announced beforehand. But I would like to know what you would of liked to see if you didn’t like anything.

    #24 8 months ago
  25. lubu

    @Untold stories
    not really, but yeah i liked some of the games, but they are all multiplatforms, exclusives were CGIs or cinematic trailers, that bothers me.

    #25 8 months ago
  26. ddtd

    I think both companies did a great job. Nothing mind blowing, but solid.

    I mean, Sony was worth it for Bloodbourne and I’m ready to throw my money at Grim Fandango.

    #26 8 months ago
  27. ddtd

    Also, I think everyone are being super conscious about reveals for games that are still being prototyped. After the Watch_Dogs fiasco, I think studios don’t want to show anything that might be interpreted as actual game play when it’s really just a vertical slice.

    #27 8 months ago
  28. Untold stories

    @lubu I see where you’re coming from now. Day ended lets see what Nintendo has next

    #28 8 months ago
  29. lubu

    @Untold stories

    eeeww, no no no. not nintendo. i don’t want to see another bayonetta 2 footage for the third year in a row

    #29 8 months ago
  30. Bashtee

    Sony > Microsoft == Ubisoft > EA

    I don’t know what I expected from MS, but I was still disapointed. Quite a lot games with this cel shading look. A bit too much for my taste. Forza Horizon 2 sounded like a finished Forza Horizon and a lot like DriveClub.

    And I seriously don’t get the Halo hype. I thought the first game was ok-ish on pc, the second one was rubbish. Don’t know why the series gained this much traction. No Gears of War though. Platinum was a half surprise, will have to see gameplay.

    Best game of E3 was Batman, hands down. Best teaser def Uncharted 4. Dragon Age Inquistion and Assassins Creed Unity looked good, Far Cry 4 also. I would really like to play Ori and Spark, but neither are a systemseller for me.

    Small surprise: Rainbow Six Siege, Ori and Spark.

    Small let down: Thought we would see more from Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect. Fable Legends didn’t impress me at all.

    Biggest disapointment: SEGA. Fuck them, seriously. Not a single announcement. They shit all over EU/NA. They can keep their fucking games for all I care. I hope they die slowly and painfully.

    Well, time to wait for Gamescom and TGS.

    #30 8 months ago
  31. Bashtee

    @Bashtee I fucking fogot Abzu/Giant Squid. Wanted to see more right there.

    #31 8 months ago
  32. ysleiro

    @Mike_W When comparing opinions logic should be used as much as possible. Your opinion doesn’t bother me but understanding where you draw your logic does.

    The fact you mentioned multiplat games for the reason why you liked Sony’s conference is perplexing since you are essentially saying you liked the opposing console since said game is also there.

    That coupled with your last mention being a non gameplay clip of a game that launches late next year and the fact that parts of the show were dedicated to TV functions makes it difficult for me to understand where your logic comes from.

    #32 8 months ago
  33. ysleiro

    @Bashtee so Forza Horizon doesn’t impress you, Fable’s enemy feature doesn’t impress you. Halo’s 4 remakes in one and multiplayer doesn’t impress you.

    The Squid game does though right? Sony won the conference with that one.

    #33 8 months ago
  34. polygem

    bloodborne, grim fandango (yeah!), no mans sky…guess that’s something but i can’t deny that i feel like being a real smart guy for buying into pc and wiiu this gen. :)

    #34 8 months ago
  35. Bashtee

    @ysleiro I’m a Sony fanboy, never stated otherwise and you clearly lean towards Microsoft, whatever rocks your (or mine) boat! :)


    Xbox One already got Forza Horizon, instead of pushing out the successor a year later, they should have polished it. My opinion, but I wouldn’t buy a console for a racing game in the first place.

    As I said: I’m not too fond of the Halo franchise, so I wasn’t very impressed. Same goes for The Last of Us. Remastered games are nice, but I already played some of them. Replaying will mostly destroy my first “wow” impression of these games.

    And my last point: Fable Legends. It didn’t impress me, correct. Being able to play the bad guy is nothing new, at least in the MMO market. The strategic part did look good, but just have a look at all those MMO games already available. Most of them will provide more content, similar experiences or probably even better ones. Just look at WoW, the beast in the MMO ring. That is why I’m not impressed at all. Look at Elder Scrolls Online. The game was doomed to be F2P, same for Star Wars. Final Fantasy 14 vanilla bombed so hard, they REMADE the whole game.

    And yes, Giant Squid was impressive, so was Ori. Both won’t be System-Sellers. So what?

    #35 8 months ago
  36. Rosseu

    MS = Colorful games
    Sony = Dark games

    I’m very excited

    #36 8 months ago
  37. BrahManDude

    Bloodborne…..nuff said

    #37 8 months ago
  38. super3001

    lol sony show was sooo lame

    where exclusives? lol

    #38 8 months ago
  39. Hcw87

    Nowhere near as good as their conference last year (where they had it easy because of MS’s poor show).

    Where is all the hate for the TVTVTV crap they spent way too much talking about? It’s the exact same thing MS took some heavy flak for in the past, but it’s conveniently forgotten about by the fanboys. Gaming-wise they also didn’t have a lot of exclusive games coming out this year compared to their competition.

    Plus points for actually confirming GTAV on non-sony platforms during their conference though, that takes balls.

    #39 8 months ago
  40. zoopdeloop

    Miyazaki’s Bloodborne did it for me.Better off a new game in the likes of Demons/Dark Souls with a completely different setting than an actual sequel

    #40 8 months ago
  41. Hcw87

    Also, where is the long MGS5 gameplay that was supposed to be shown? It was not on MS or Sony’s conferences.

    #41 8 months ago
  42. CyberMarco

    What a great show Sony…NOT!

    Good thing I didn’t stay up all night to watch the conference. Same old crap as MS’s exclusive* DLC for Destiny. Showing DLC for Infamous is something E3-conference worthy?

    Next is LPB3, nothing spectacular and more of the same. I expected more from MM, also next time find some people who don’t suck ass at demonstrating the gameplay of your game.

    Bloodborne looks alright but need more info about that, same with The Order. Then the usual 3rd party multiplatform games with exclusive* DLC again. BTW nice try Far Cry 4 but I don’t trust you anymore. Dead Island 2 video was funny but I’m skeptical since the previous games were mediocre. Mortal Kombat, Batman, GTA again coming to PC/XBox too.

    More indies that will be available on PC too and cheaper thanks to frequent sales. Also yey for Youtube I guess, also some TV-TV-TV-TV crap.

    PS Vita is good as dead it seems, only for PS Now streaming since Sony wont bother making actual games for it.

    As always I was more interested in MGS:V and GTA V and No Man’s Sky, will keep an eye out for TLoU and Uncharted 4.

    So, all in all I can’t pick a winner since every conference was lame. The worst E3 conference award goes hands down to EA for sure, then MS/Sony/Ubi on the same level of meh!

    Such next-gen, much wow!

    #42 8 months ago
  43. harr0w

    Sony presser was mediocre

    #43 8 months ago
  44. mistermogul

    Not sure why people are so disappointed with what’s been shown. I have a feeling some of you expect the earth and in fact like what you see but are too “cool” to say so.

    We are at a point in gaming now where we are near-realism graphically. There are not many creative mechanics left to uncover. Previous generational advancements will not happen again on the scale they did in the past, so if you are bored with what’s on show now you will probably be bored with whatever is next to come in the future too. Maybe its time to find a new (less boring) hobby eh?

    Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Forza Horizon 2, Far Cry 4, Batman, The Order, AC Unity to name a few – all look superb to me and I know I’ll be enjoying them! :)

    #44 8 months ago
  45. tasuta1

    Officially announced! Time to preorder! :)

    #45 8 months ago
  46. Legendaryboss

    Oh dear.

    #46 8 months ago
  47. Erthazus

    Both of them did ok at best. Sony and Microsoft…

    Sony had more exclusive titles but no biggie really. Next gen gaming lol… there is none.

    #47 8 months ago
  48. fihar

    E3′s shit.
    Rime, Everybody’s Gone to Rapture, and The Witness are AWOL.

    Gamescom is where’s it at.

    By the way, I think you guys are too quick to dismiss LBP3. New characters doesn’t seem much at a first glance, but when you consider each character is unique and that you can still create your own levels, the possibilities are endless.
    Think Trine 2 with limitless variations.
    I do have a soft spot for Sumo Digital though.

    #48 8 months ago
  49. Hcw87


    They did? I must have completely missed a few titles then, feel free to list the exclusives for XB1/PS4. Seemed pretty barren to me, at least games releasing this year.

    #49 8 months ago
  50. Mike W


    Sigh……this is really not that difficult of concept to grasp. To put it simpler terms; the last half of the titles that were shown for Sony’s conference I enjoyed more than what I’ve seen at MS’s. Yes those games will be other platforms, but it was first time the consumer saw “actual” gameplay of them (Batman and MK 10).

    And please spare me that I or anyone for matter that needs “logic” for ” you”when they sate their “opinion” on what conference they like. Get over yourself, the same can be said to you on why you think MS’s conference was better than Sony’s but that would be a foolish debate. In reality both were ok, nothing spectacular, but just ok. But I like what I saw more at Sony’s than MS’s, no biggie.

    This is the second time you’re bringing up the TV section of Sony’s conference and again I said absolutely nothing about it, because I don’t care about it. I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at by keep mentioning that…..but whatever.

    And so what if I got excited for seeing a clip of the next Uncharted game, is that a crime now? Like I said before, if Sony manages to make Uncharted look like that, the PS4 is a beast.

    So here’s one for you, I liked Scalebound when it was announced at the XBO conference and not one single gameplay element was shown for that game. But that game also comes out next year and by using your “logic” I wasn’t supposed to get excited for that game….right?

    It amazes me you’re taking some type offense, because I enjoyed what I seen more at Sony’s conference and you need to get over yourself and grow up.

    #50 8 months ago
  51. Mike W


    I can’t believe I’m saying this…..but Erthazus is right :-|

    Both conferences were good, not great, but good. MS had some interesting titles are their conference. Killer Instinct stole the show for me, but I’m bias with that title because I’m a huge fan of the Killer Instinct series. Fable looked absolutely gorgeous and I’m definitely picking that up when it comes out. Sunset Overdrive looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, but they have to show me on the story, I’m not big on co-op games. Scalebound looked good and knowing that PG is behind this you know it’s going to be some over the top action game and other than that was typical MS bullshit with exclusive DLC bullshit with third parties. I felt like they should have went for Sony’s juggler and announced some crazy new IPs along with the price drop of the system…..but nope.

    Sony’s conference was damn near a replica of MS’s conference. Bloodborne was a nice edition but we saw that coming from last week, The Order 1886 looked really good and the internet is bitching about how good it looks, because they can’t tell the difference between cinematic and gameplay. Infamous Second DLC was alright, but it would’ve been way better if they gave Desmond more abilities than giving Fetch her own story, but I have to see more of the game before I judge it. There was some other exclusive with that “Tim guy” that everyone got excited for, but I never even heard of that game. Uncharted looked great, but if that’s how the game is going to look……all I can say is damn. The rest was just like MS’s conference with DLC bullshit from third parties. But what blew me away was the Mortal Kombat and Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay……that shit was incredible…….

    But as you can see, both were pretty much the same, nobody won. It’s simple-minded folks like super-3001 and yslerio that wanted MS to win (whatever that means) but in reality both conferences were the same.

    #51 8 months ago
  52. kingsuperdustin

    @kisame The reason Microsoft didn’t break a sweat this year is because they had nothing to show. Sony showed more exclusives and content than MS.

    #52 8 months ago
  53. Hcw87


    No they didn’t. In terms of quantity, MS showed far more games on their conference (and it was 100% about games instead of the TV/Media stuff at Sony’s conference).

    #53 8 months ago
  54. ysleiro

    @Mike W Agreed. I’ll get over myself. As soon as you start to be coherent.

    It doesn’t matter that you didn’t mention the TV announcements at Sony’s E3. Sony mentioned them, that’s all that is needed. If flak is going to be thrown around for spending time on anything other than gaming then you need not mention something for flak to be thrown. I didn’t need to like/dislike MS’s TV focus last year for flak to be thrown in their direction. It happens, that’s the way it works. As you would put it “get over yourself”.

    As for the rest of your sorry argument it’s weak and based on games available elsewhere. Never before had I heard of an E3 being better based on content that is going to be shared across all competitors.

    Also do note that not once have I said that MS won. I’ve only been critical of those that use your kind of logic (AKA not logic at all).

    Yeah it’s just your opinion but guess what, I have an opinion. “The sun won’t come up tomorrow, it will take a day off”. Yeah it’s just an opinion but it’s not based on logic.

    If a game is gonna drop on opposing hardware it’s hardly anything to list on a brag sheet.

    #54 8 months ago
  55. Mike W


    Sigh….do you even know the point you’re trying to make? To put this behind us, let’s agree to disagree on whatever point you’re trying to make.

    Because I really don’t have the time nor the energy to deal with your incompetence on this matter.

    #55 8 months ago
  56. BrokenSpline


    No IGN even said that MS had shown 20 game and SOny had shown 19. Not exactly “far” more.

    #56 8 months ago
  57. The_Red

    No Man’s Sky.
    Grim Fandango.

    The rest of games didn’t really grab me. FarCry 4 and LBP3 were nice but just that. The middle section was horrifyingly bad and the showing of many PS4 exclusives was lackluster IMHO. That said, I’m super hyped for Bloodborne and MKX.

    #57 8 months ago

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    If you’ve bought Dying Light on PS4 and you’re having trouble downloading it, you’re not alone. Here’s how to beat the bug. Techland’s Dying Light is stumbling out of the blocks a little this week, with many PS4 users experiencing problems with their full-game downloads. A bug’s to blame. Your console thinks you’ve already installed […]

  • What The Witcher 3 owes to Skyrim – and how it surpasses it

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt owes more than a nod to Bethesda’s Skyrim. I went to see The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and had a great time. I went in a fan of the books but not very experienced with the first two games. I came out with The Witcher 3 top of my gaming […]

  • Dragon’s Dogma Online has great monsters

    Dragon’s Dogma Online looks pretty rad – an undesirable quality in a game unlikely to come west, from our perspective. The first Dragon’s Dogma trailer was released this afternoon; admire its beauty below. The free to play online RPG was announced for PC, PlayStation 3 and PS4 overnight, but Capcom doesn’t intend to bring it […]

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X map about five times the size of last game’s

    Xenoblade Chronicles X is not a small game. This week’s Famitsu has a feature on Xenoblade Chronicles X giving some details on Monolith Soft’s next RPG and first Wii U game. According to Siliconera‘s translation of reports on the feature, the game’s map is about five times the size of that in Xenoblade Chronicles. The […]

  • Take on Mars expected to hit beta in April

    Take on Mars, the space sim from Bohemia Interactive will soon be reader for wider consumption. According to a new Take on Mars development roadmap, the sim will go into beta at the start of April, with full release expected in June. The project is currently available via Steam early Access, but between now and […]

  • Can you guess the next Mortal Kombat X character reveal from this fatality audio clip?

    Mortal Kombat X will have at least one very liquid-sounding fatality. NetherRealm is revealing Mortal Kombat X’s cats one character at a time, and has promised a new reveal during a community Twitch stream tomorrow. It also provided the following teaser video – it’s audio only, and apparently taken from a fatality sequence. What’s your […]

  • Nintendo Creators Program now recruiting YouTubers – PewDiePie, others weigh-in

    Nintendo has opened a Creators Program designed to ensure creators get a slice of ad revenue from videos featuring Nintendo assets, and some prominent YouTubers aren’t pleased with the company. Update “What Nintendo are missing out on completely is the free exposure and publicity that they get from YouTube,” wrote Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) on his […]

  • Xbox Live issues under investigation

    Can’t sign into Xbox Live? Microsoft is on the case. Xbox 360 and Xbox One users report being unable to sign in to Xbox Live. Microsoft is already aware of and working on the problem. “Our team is hard at work right now trying to get this resolved. Thank you for staying patient while we […]

  • Make money from your non-Valve mods with Steam Workshop

    Valve has opened the money-making side of Steam Workshop to third-party titles, giving enterprising modders more ways to make money. Steam now hosts curated Workshops for Dungeon Defenders: Eternity and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the first non-Valve games to support the scheme. What that means is that community members can create, vote on and eventually even […]

  • Check out DmC: Devil May Cry’s new manual lock-on

    DmC: Devil may Cry developer Ninja Theory has released a video showing off the new, controversial lock-on mode. The new manual lock-on is causing quite a stir, although its reception is probably better than the white-wigged Dante who makes fans even more upset than the original makeover. “The primary purpose of this video is to […]

  • Dragon Quest Heroes looks pretty fun

    Dragon Quest Heroes is yet another Omega Force take on an existing property – like Hyrule Warriors or the One Piece games. And it looks pretty sweet. We haven’t heard much from Dragon Quest Heroes here in the west because it hasn’t been confirmed for release outside Japan. This isn’t terribly surprising as we still […]

  • Square Enix to reveal new PS4 game this weekend

    Square Enix is doing something pretty mysterious right now. The Final Fantasy publisher is teasing something called Project Code Z. The project, which Square Enix is tweeting about in Japanese, English and German, is due for reveal at Tokaigi 2015 on Saturday. It’s a PS4 game, but that’s all we know. There’s a website you […]

  • Tetris has crowned its first known western Grand Master

    Tetris fans have a new western champion. Tetris is one of those gaming obsessions that goes much deeper than you might expect. For example, did you know that some versions of the game assess your performance and over you the chance to become a “grand master”? Turns out that’s a thing, and according to Polygon […]

  • Ken Levine’s next game teased as “sci-fi-ish” small, open-world RPG

    A series of tweets from BioShock creator Ken Levine has shed a sliver of light upon his next project. According to Levine he and his team are considering something a bit sci-fi and contemplating first-person mode. The team is developing the game for PC with a large in scope, expandable, systems-based narrative where more can […]

  • Become a lynx in new Shelter 2 trailer

    Shelter 2 casts players in the role of a lynx, which makes for quite a different experience to the badger of the first game. The first Shelter game had you evading predators, but in the second, you becomes one yourself. That doesn’t mean there are no dangers to face, of course. Judging by the trailer […]

  • Why King of Fighters 13 isn’t coming back to Evo

    Evo, the premiere western fighting game tournament, has dropped support for a few previously favoured titles. King of Fighters 13 had a loyal following, but isn’t featured in the Evo 2015 line-up. “Many things go into what games makes it to Evo, but the most obvious one is, ‘Is the community playing this game?’” Evo […]