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Destiny beta kicks off July 17, white PS4 Destiny bundle announced

Bungie's Destiny kicked off Sony's E3 2014 press conference this evening with a trailer explaining what what The Traveler is, and that you they player, are apparently Earth's last hope.

The Traveler tripled the human lifespan and ushered in a "new Golden Age of tech." Sounds like things backfired. But you are to set things right. If you fail, anything you know and everything humans have ever known, will be gone forever. So don't screw up alright?

Destiny will be played first on PlayStation, which was announced last year. The beta starts on July 17 on PlayStation.

The PS4-exclusive first look alpha kicks off at 1200PM PDT on June 12, and ends at 11:59PM PDT on June 15. You can register to have a go now.

A Destiny PS4 bundle in white was also announced and it will run you $449/€439 euros. The "glacier white" PlayStation 4 contains a 500GB hard drive, a copy of Destiny and a 30-day PlayStation Plus voucher.

The Glacier White PS4 will also be sold separately in Europe at an RRP of €399.

Destiny will also be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and launches in September.

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