First-person Sonic the Hedgehog in Oculus Rift seems sickening – video

Saturday, 26 April 2014 23:51 GMT By Phil Owen

There’s a fan-made Unreal Engine 3 Sonic game that lets you run around in a 3D world, viewing it through Sonic’s eyes, and thanks to the magic of modern personal computing this game can be played with an Oculus Rift virtual reality display. And we have a video of what that looks like.

Now, Oculus is really cool but it is very disorienting because even though whatever you’re viewing in it is completely dominating your vision and you can look around the game world the same way you would in real life, there’s an ever so slight look delay and conscious knowledge that you’re looking at a fake world. Thus wooziness and a need at present for short play sessions for most people.

And this game in particular looks like an acquired taste in VR. But if you have an Oculus development kit you can try this out now, but you will need a few things to make it work, relevant links in the video description.